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This page contains information relating to Fanon Wiki's community.

Discord is a free real-time chat service available as a desktop app, mobile app, and/or website. It has a few functions, most importantly "servers", which are groups of channels dedicated to certain topics. Fanon Wiki has a server dedicated to wiki matters. It can be joined by following this link (account required). The server has various roles for staff, which are only given to wiki staff.


  • announcements: This is the channel for official announcements.
  • pronouns: Select your preferred pronouns!
  • rules: (read below.)

Text channels

  • welcome-introductions: Let everyone know who you are!
  • general: The general discussion for unrelated topics.
  • off-topic-gaming-general
  • art-music-video: This is the channel to share your or someone else's art or music or video content.
  • fanon-showcase: Show off your fanon creations here!
  • hacks
  • memes
  • streaming: Promote your streams here!
  • bot: Dump for testing bot commands and features.


  • fanon-wiki: The general discussion for Fanon Wiki topics.
  • wiki-suggestions: This channel is for Fanon Wiki suggestions.
  • wiki-tech-support: This is the official tech support and namespace request channel.
  • fanon-wiki-rc: Bot channel for displaying recent changes on Fanon Wiki.


  • pikmin-fanon: The general discussion for Pikmin/Pikmin Fanon topics.
  • pikmin-fanon-rc: Bot channel for displaying recent changes on Pikmin Fanon.


  • miraheze-draft-test-archive: This is the archived channel for discussing the Miraheze test wiki.
  • wiki-aesthetics-archive: This is the archive of the channel to discuss the way the Fanon Wiki will look.
  • wiki-outreach-archive: An archived channel used for talking about outreach and finding user support.
  • wiki-policy-archive: An archived channel for discussing policy matters.


  • Agree to disagree.
  • Keep conversations relevant to their channels. Introduce yourself in #welcome-introductions, general chat goes in #general, and suggestions go in #wiki-suggestions.
  • No dating.
  • No discrimination.
  • No excessive messaging (breaking up an idea into many posts instead of writing it all out in just one post).
  • No flaming or flame wars.
  • No flirting.
  • No offensive discussions (including religious, political, and sexual).
  • No offensive language/cursing.
  • No overusing emojis or reactions.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No publishing of personal information (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank accounts, credit card information, etc.).
  • No solicitation.
  • No spamming.
  • No trolling.
  • No witch-hunting.
  • No walls of text (either in separate posts or as a single post).
  • Note that server admins are present to kick or ban unruly users. A kick should be taken as a warning, and kicked users may rejoin the server straight away, while a ban will be given for repeated disregard for the guidelines and make it impossible to rejoin for some time.
  • Speak English only; if you don't, provide an English translation after thereafter.

Server staff

Server name Wiki name State
Fanon Wiki Founder
Wraith (chronowraith64) Wraith (talk) Active
Cheepy (xxxkingboo69xxx) Cheepy-Cheepy (talk) Active
PikFan23 (kage237) PikFan23 (talk) Semi-active
Lake (lakelimbo) Lakelimbo (talk) Active
PinkYoshiFan (pinkyoshifan) PinkYoshiFan (talk)
Soundwave (soundwave_1144) Soundwave (talk)
Username (user_username) Username (talk)
Wiki Support
Ampera (ampera.) Ampera (talk) Semi-active
Soveia (soveia) Soveia (talk) Active
Trig Jegman (trigjegman) Trig Jegman (talk)