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A link is a text that is covered in color, unlike regular text. When you click on a link, it directs you to another page. The following is a tutorial on how to create links.

Internal links

Internal links lead to other pages on Fanon Wiki. For example, Main Page is a link to this wiki's main page, and is created with [[Main Page]]. Place two square brackets around a page name to turn it into a link.

To create an internal link with a description other than the page's name, include the link name after the page title after a pipe. eg. [[Main Page|Go to the main page]]

Example Result
[[Main Page|Go to the main page]] Go to the main page

To create an internal link that directs to a page's section, first, include the page name, second, add a hashtag after the link name, and lastly, type in the section title of the page.

Example Result
[[Fanon Wiki:About#History]] Fanon Wiki:About#History

Interwiki links

Interwiki links lead to pages on other wikis, such as Pikipedia or Wikipedia. To link to one of these pages, place an interwiki prefix before the page title. A list of allowed interwiki prefixes can be seen at Special:Interwiki.

Like normal links, interwiki links can be created by placing 2 square brackets on both sides of the text. Interwiki prefixes are a word followed by a colon, similar to namespaces.

Type To Get
[[wikipedia:Main Page]] wikipedia:Main Page
[[wikipedia:Main Page|Main Page]] Main Page
[[pikminfanon:Main Page]] pikminfanon:Main Page
[[pikminfanon:Main Page|Main Page]] Main Page

External links

External links lead to anywhere else. They can either be created by placing a URL directly in a page's text, or by placing a URL followed by a title surrounded by single square brackets.

Type To Get
[ google] google