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Ranks are roles given to users that give specific permissions to users with them.

Non-staff ranks

All users can make edits and pages regardless of having an account or roles (unless blocked). Their contributions use an IP address instead of a name.


This applies to all registered users. They can make userpages (including user CSS/JS pages), use Special:Preferences, and upload files.


Users who are confirmed, by an autoconfirmation process of the wiki, can move pages, bypass CAPTCHAs, and edit semi-protected pages.

Staff ranks

All staff ranks have all of the permissions of the group(s) below them.


Staff users who can protect pages, edit protected pages, patrol pages, mass replace text, delete pages, and roll back edits by one user to a specific page, among other things.

List of admins


Staff users above administrators who can promote/demote and rename users.

List of bureaucrats

Other ranks


Automated processes whose edits are hidden by default in the recent changes.


Users who maintain the site look (skin, CSS, etc.) and can be contacted for technical difficulties. They can edit MediaWiki: namespace pages.

List of support