Fanon Wiki:Scope policy

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Fanon Wiki is a wiki for documenting unofficial, fan-made content based on existing media franchises. This policy explains in detail the scope of what this wiki can cover.

What is fanon?

The term "fanon" is based on the term "canon". In a fictional universe, something is considered canonical if it is an official part of the universe. Fanon is fan-made, unofficial canon – things that are not officially part of a franchise, but treated as if they were. Documenting fanon content is what Fanon Wiki is about.

What sort of things can be created here?

The main kind of articles on this wiki are games. If you have an idea for a fangame, you can create an article for that game. Generally, you should try to limit your fangame to a single article, but if it becomes practical to split it into multiple articles covering different aspects (such as levels, enemies, or mechanics), feel free to do so. The scope of what a fangame can be is broad, so don't feel restricted into making a single kind of game. Some examples of what you can make:

  • A pretend sequel to an official game
  • A future game in a series that takes it in a new direction
  • A spin-off game in a different genre
  • A story set in the universe of the franchise
  • A fictional expansion to an official game, such as pretend DLC or a new item
  • And more!

What is not fanon?

Any real-world thing that isn't related to the fandom of a media franchise. So for example, the Sistine Chapel would be an article that belongs on Wikipedia, and not Fanon Wiki. An article covering Comic-Con would be considered related to the fandom. You can document real ROM hacks and fan games, but please avoid linking to them. You can document mods, and any mods on Nexus Mods or Curseforge may be linked to. You can create a character in a fanon franchise that is based on yourself, but please limit the real-world resemblance as much as possible.

Note that Fanon Wiki is a wiki, which means that anyone can edit articles, and all articles are licensed under a CC BY-SA license. This allows fangames to be collaborative efforts, but it also means that anyone can use your ideas with attribution. If you do not want people to copy your ideas, do not post them here.