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To do: Examples for apng, jpg, gif, and at least one audio type (oga, mp3, and/or flac)
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Files are contained in the 6th namespace, the File namespace. A file must be uploaded to this wiki before it can be placed on a page. Files can be uploaded using Special:Upload. Choose a file to upload. Then choose a name for the file. The file name should contain the subject's name. Files can be added to an article by creating a link to the file in the article. Additional parameters to the file include size, the change of the image's dimensions, "thumb" if the image is to be a thumb image and alt text.

File types

Types of files
File extension Features Transparency supported? Example
png common lossless image format yes Not unused.png
apng animated, can also just use .png yes
jpg common lossy image format no
svg infinitely scalable without blurriness yes Logo mono black.svg
gif common animated image format yes
oga / mp3 / flac audio N/A


To make an image appear on an article, link to the page containing the image, which will start with File: and end with the image's file format.

Code Result

This also works for audio files.

This produces an image with no frame and at its original resolution, which is generally not a good thing. To fix these things, put |thumb after the file name, which will turn it into a thumbnail. However, this will also add a white background, even if the original image does not have a background.

Code Result

It is possible to add a caption to images by putting text after another vertical bar.

Code Result
[[[[File:Wiki.png|thumb|Fanon Wiki's logo.]]
Fanon Wiki's logo.

Finally, it is possible to change the size of images and their position on the page with additional pieces of text before the caption. 250px will make the image 250 pixels wide (this number can be changed, and the default size is 200 pixels wide. put xnumberpx to change it by height instead of width) left will place the image on the left of the screen (center and right also work, and right is the default position). Size adjustment can be done with non-thumb images as well.

Code Result
[[File:Wiki.png|thumb|left|250px|Fanon Wiki's logo.]]
Fanon Wiki's logo.

An alternative way to show images is in a gallery. Galleries display images at small sizes in a grid. To make one, surround a section with <gallery> at the start and </gallery> at the end, and place each file name (without the File: prefix) on a new line. Image captions can be placed after a vertical bar.

Code Result
File:Logo-horizontal.png|Fanon Wiki's logo (horizontal)
File:Logo mono black.png|Fanon Wiki's logo in a black color scheme.

If you would like to link to a file page without embedding the file, put a colon before the word File: in the link. It will then be treated as a normal text link. For audio files, do not use modifiers.