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Custom Signatures are a way of personalizing how talk page messages are signed.

Making a custom signature

Making a basic custom signature is easy.

  1. Go to Special:MyPage/sig
  2. Copy-paste [[User:Example|Example]] ([[User talk:Example|talk]]), replacing Example with your username, then make modifications as desired.
  3. Go to Special:Preferences, scroll to the signature section, and paste {{User:Example/sig}}, replacing Example with your username, then check the treat signature as wikitext box on.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and hit save. Signing comments with ~~~~ now uses your custom signature.

Modifying signatures

See: Help:Modifying text

Signatures can be modified in every way that text can. Images can also be used in signatures, although they should be small enough vertically to not create text gaps. Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Your signature needs to identify who you are.
  • Text should contrast the page background enough to be legible.
  • Don't make the text massive or too small to read.
  • Be sure to link to your userpage and user talk page.
  • Don't make signatures exessively long.
  • Have a maximum of two images, again not too tall.
  • No line breaks.
  • Be sure to put closing tags on any formatting.