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Redirects are pages that automatically forward a user to a different page that is similar. Making a redirect is as simple as typing #REDIRECT[[target]], with target being the page that the redirect should link to. If anything is typed above this code then the redirect will fail, although typing something under it will just make the content under it be harder to access. If you are redirected to a different page, then there will be a notice (typically near the top of the page) that notifies you what page you were redirected from. Redirects are also made automatically when moving pages.

Where to make and use redirects

Typically, redirects for articles should be used sparingly. Redirects can be made for acronyms of game titles if the fanon creator wishes, although if two fanon works share an acronym, then it should be a disambiguation page instead. If the acronym of one fanon game is the title of another, then {{otheruses}} should be put at the top of the article, linking to the article that it is the acronym of (if there is one) or the article title with (disambiguation) appended to the end (if there is multiple).

User and user talk redirects can exist for users who had been active on the wiki under one name and later changed their username, but should not be made otherwise.

File, talk, and category redirects should never be made, and those made automatically from moving a page should have {{delete}} added as soon as all links to the old name are changed to the new name.