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The recent changes page lists the recent edits published on the wiki.


The options toggle which pages are shown. The first set changes how many edits are shown: a limit to the number of edits shown and a limit to the age of the edits shown can both be modified. The next set can hide some edits. Minor edits are edits that are marked by an editor as being a small change: a grammar fix or the like. Bot edits are edits made by users marked as bots (these are hidden by default). Anonymous edits are edits made by unregistered editors. Logged-in edits are edits made by registered users. Patrolled edits are edits marked as acceptable by staff. "My edits" are edits made by the user viewing the recent changes. The results can also be filtered by namespace.

The edits themselves are shown below. They are sorted by time; the newest are at the top. Each row contains the following items: a link to a diff page, a link to the page's history, a link to the page, and the time the edit was made, the change in a page's size, a link to the editor who made the edit, and a few links relating to the editor, a description of the edit including a possible section the edit was made in.


Before the page name, there may also be a few letters:

  • N signifies that an edit created a new page.
  • m signifies that the edit was marked as a minor edit.
  • b signifies that an edit was made by a bot.
  • (+123) signifies the page size changed by number of bytes.
  • ! (only seen on the administrator interface), signifies that an edit is yet to be patrolled by an administrator.