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Creating an article is how to make new pages on Fanon Wiki. (This is not for files. For how to upload files, see here.)

How to name a page

The title of a page is something that should be chosen carefully, as moving pages is more complicated than editing the content (although DISPLAYTITLE can be used if it only needs to look different). Pages should always be put in the right namespace. See here for a list of namespaces for fanon works and here for namespaces for other types of pages. As for the part after the namespace, it should be descriptive without being overly long.


If an article has an identical title to another existing page, then qualifiers (a descriptive word at the end of the title in parentheses) should be added, and the version of the page without qualifiers should become a disambiguation page.

Adding content to a page

See: Help:Editing

Adding content to pages is identical to editing. Users are free to use whatever format works best for their fanon work, but a general structure that typically works is:

  • An infobox or file at the top-right
  • An opening abstract giving an overview of the subject matter
  • Sections that go more in-depth into particular aspects
  • Categories and navboxes

How to get to the article creation screen

To get to the article creation screen, do one of the following:

  • Click a red link in an already-created article
  • Type the name of the article into the search bar and click the red link at the top of the search results
  • Paste into your browser's URL bar, replacing pagename with the title of the page, using underscores as spaces (not recommended if the title contains non-alphanumeric characters)
  • Type the name into the following box (also on the main page) and click the button