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Moving pages is fairly simple and is a good safety measure to ensure that articles' titles are spelled properly. In other words, it is a way to fix errors in the title or even change the title entirely, if necessary.

How it works

As stated, moving will change the title. When a page is moved, a redirect will be created on the old page. Here is an example:

Suppose there is an article about a game called "The Adventures of Expired Milk", only the title is "the adventures of expired milk". With the move action, a new page will automatically be created with the title that the user desires (the caps could simply be changed and the title could be made "The Adventures of Expired Milk"; it could further be changed to another title if the user wishes. On the original page ("the adventures of expired milk"), a redirect would be created.

In addition, it is possible to redirect to sections. The redirect title will need to have something like "article title#section name" in order for it to work. Also, be careful about broken redirects; these redirect pages that redirect to a non-existent page. Finally, it is possible to redirect between wikis. Just be sure to use the interwiki prefix to which wiki you're redirecting to, and an article on that wiki. It should be noted, however, that it will not redirect instantaneously; instead, it will go to the redirect page first, then you must click on the redirect link provided.


First, look at the tabs at the top of the page (the ones that include "edit", "discussion", and the like). Click the tab that says "More”, then click on the tab that says “Move”.

Now, you will see a page


A form will appear, showing the original title, a box where you can change the page's namespace location, a box where you can enter the new article title, and a larger box that will allow you to provide a reason as to why you moved it. It is generally a good idea to give a reason, but you don't have to if it is obvious. If a page has subpages, it will list the subpages in a section, and will also have a checkbox in addition to the three that already exist.

Once you have completed the form to your liking, click the green "Move page" button. You will then be told if it succeeded.


  • Administrators can also protect a page's move settings, preventing autoconfirmed users from moving a page.
  • Moving a page back and forth will result in an error and might require moving the page's content manually.