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This user is an inactive bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki. In addition to the powers of an administrator, this user can also promote other administrators and/or users to be administrators and/or bureaucrats.

Who Am I

Greetings. I am Ampera, former systems administrator for Grifkuba. In the past, I dedicated my time freely towards the backend maintenance and support of all Grifkuba's wikis. I have since resigned this post, and am no longer a member of Grifkuba.

These days I'm working on different projects, most notably, Sourcemageddon. Sourcemageddon is an inter-wiki project dedicated to functioning as a reference library, collecting and intelligently cataloging source material to be useful for the writing of wikis.

How to contact me

I do not typically monitor my talk pages, and as such, messaging me on this wiki is not a good way to contact me. If you do want to get in touch, I do respond to the following:

  • Discord Username: ampera.
  • IRC: I am Ampera on,,,