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This page contains information relating to Fanon Wiki's policies and guidelines.
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The code of conduct is a policy that outlines general rules for users, how users should behave on the wiki and the Discord server, and punishments for misbehavior. All members are required to abide by them.


1. Treat others with respect.
Those acting on Fanon Wiki's behalf should aim to be honest and ethical in their dealings with each other, community members, wiki partners and affiliates, and the general public, and treat others how they would want to be treated. Fanon Wiki will not practice or tolerate discrimination based on place of origin, ethnicity, citizenship, gender, political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, family relationship, or economic or medical status. Fanon Wiki aims to treat all people with respect and to foster a productive environment free of harassment, intimidation, and discrimination. The use of bigoted speech and opinions will result in a swift ban.
2. Respect the confidentiality of others.
Those acting on Fanon Wiki's behalf must respect and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information they have gained due to their association with Fanon Wiki. This may include personal information about community members or members of the general public, and information about the internal workings of Fanon Wiki or its partners or suppliers.
3. Protect Fanon Wiki's property and represent its best interests.
Those acting on Fanon Wiki's behalf should seek to take good care of its property, and not expose it to loss, damage, misuse, or theft. Fanon Wiki's property should be used solely for legitimate purposes and not for personal benefit. Generally, people should use common sense and moderation when using Fanon Wiki's resources. Users should aim to advance Fanon Wiki's legitimate interests, and never risk bringing Fanon Wiki into disrepute.

Specific orders

In addition to the above information, Fanon Wiki has a series of more specific topics its users should keep in mind.

  • Low-quality articles and files may be removed from the wiki without prior notice.
  • Vandalism is not tolerated. Perpetrators will be blocked from editing.
  • Account abuse, be it through creating and using multiple accounts to vandalize the work of others, or soliciting users for personal information, will result in swift punishment.
  • Users that desire to be part of wiki staff may contact an existing staff member to know if they meet the criteria.

Reminders and warnings

Users that make a genuine mistake or deliberately harm the wiki are subject to having the following templates on their talk pages. They are never to be removed from talk pages, and doing so is punishable.

Any user can enforce this, within reason. It is used when a user makes a mistake, such as not using correct spelling or grammar.
Administrators and bureaucrats can enforce this. It is used for a more serious issue, whether intentional or not, such as entering their information into the work of others without permission or revealing the personal information of another user.
Administrators and bureaucrats can enforce this. It is used as a final warning and can only be used once. After this, the user that has repeatedly broken the rules may be blocked.
Administrators and bureaucrats can enforce this. It is used to notify a user that they may not contribute to Fanon Wiki until either their block is revoked or expires.

*Users that feel they have wrongfully been issued one of these templates may contact an administrator or bureaucrat to discuss the issue.