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Fanon Wiki is a wiki where you can document your fan-made ideas for video games and other media. We have 24 articles and counting. Feel free to create an account and join in!

Explanation of the name

The term "canon" is often used to describe what is considered official in a fictional universe. For example, the story of the main series of games in a video game franchise would be considered canon. The term "fanon" is a derivative of this, to describe fan-made canon: it's not an official part of that fictional universe, but it's instead part of an unofficial expansion made by a fan of the franchise. Fanon Wiki is a wiki dedicated to documenting fanon content based on video game franchises.


Before Fanon Wiki, there was Pikmin Fanon, an independent wiki for fanon content about the Pikmin franchise. In July 2021, wiki administrator Wraith had the idea of creating a network of fanon wikis for different Nintendo franchises to link with Pikmin Fanon. Over time, this concept broadened its scope to be a wiki for fanon about any media franchise, as an independent alternative to other wikis for this purpose. After some time, the wiki was officially launched on May 5th, 2022.