Princess (InkBerry)

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This article or section pertains information regarding Coroika Futures, a future AU created by InkBerry.
OC Princess Bust Artwork.png
Artwork of Princess
Ink Color
Baby pink
Eye Color
Baby pink with red pupils
Skin Color
Emperor (father)
Desi (mother)
Prinz (uncle)
Unknown grandparents

Princess is one of the main characters in Coroika Futures. She is the daughter of Emperor and Desi and the leader of the new Team Monarch.


Princess is a female Inkling with a unique hairstyle reminiscent of the "Banger" style in Splatoon 2, the main differences including the sides being significantly reduced and the large back tentacle shredded and put in a high ponytail tied with a magenta ribbon. She wears navy romper overalls over a magenta shirt, the Pearlescent Squidkid IVs, as well as gold star earrings and a pink bracelet. Similar to Emperor and Prinz, she has red pupils.

For her more formal wear, her fashion consists of knee-length dresses with lace details, stockings, and kitten heels.


Like her father, she is quite prideful, referring to herself as everyone's future ruler. She is quite picky with her outfit choices, always preferring to wear designer clothing over other brands. Deep down though, she has confidence issues that she attempts to bury to keep up her prideful persona.

Despite that, she can be quite kind-hearted and sweet, encouraging and praising her teammates for a job well done. She also has a tendency to be easily flustered when teased by her friends.




She thinks very highly of her father, believing him to be the greatest Turf War player of all-time. She strives to be just as good as him when he was younger. Although she rarely sees him due to his line of work, they are still quite close.


She adores her mother, affectionately calling her "mama". She usually goes to her for relationship advice regarding her feelings towards her teammate Occhi. They share a similar interest in strawberries, often sharing a parfait together.


Princess has a good relationship with her uncle, usually going to him for leadership advice.


Occhi is Princess' closest friend, knowing him since childhood. They often hold one-on-one battles as practice, and generally does everything together. She recently caught feelings for him and is trying to figure them out.


Knowing N-Pacer since childhood, she affectionately calls her "auntie".

Squidkid Jr.

Like N-Pacer, she has known him since a young age and affectionately refers to him as "uncle".



  • Her original concept art was completely different from the final, wearing more clothing from Splatoon 2 and having a different hairstyle.
  • Her original name was going to be Empress.
  • Prinz gifted her the shoes Squidkid Jr. gave him. Unlike her uncle, she actually wears them.
  • She often visits the private resting place of Emperor's memorabilia and admires them for inspiration.