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This article or section pertains information regarding Coroika Futures, a future AU created by InkBerry.
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Artwork of Desi as a teenager
19 (Square King Cup)
44 (Coroika Futures)
Ink Color
Eye Color
Skin Color
Emperor (partner)
Princess (future daughter)
Prinz (future brother-in-law)
Unknown parents

Desi is a side character in the Splatoon manga series. In the manga, she is the girlfriend of Emperor and a fashion model for Enperry. She additionally has a supporting role in Coroika Futures. Her signature color is raspberry, although she can change her eye and ink color at will.


Desi is a female Inkling with the "Banger" hairstyle in Splatoon 2, although sometimes she ties it into a ponytail. Her attire consists of the Designer Headphones, the Pullover Coat, and the Black Seahorses. Her weapon choice is the Sorella Brella.

As a 14 year old, her attire consisted of the Fake Contacts, N-Pacer Sweat, and Black Trainers with the "Hippie" hairstyle and white stud earrings. Her weapon of choice was the Carbon Roller.

In Coroika Futures, her outfit choices are more intricate, typically wearing lacy, floor-length dresses with puffy sleeves. She accessorizes with a gold wedding band on her left ring finger and pink pearl earrings.


Desi is described by many of her friends as being very kind-hearted and nurturing, often visiting their homes to check on them. She has a tendency to be very timid around many people, especially strangers. She is easily flustered at compliments and affection, often hiding her reddening face from people.


Early Life

Desi was born into a upper class family, her mother being the CFO of Enperry and father being a world-famous artist. At the age of 4, she met Emperor at a private school they both attended, where they became close friends. When she turned 14, she was employed by Enperry to model their latest clothing lines in magazines. This line of work would often lead to her to travel to other regions of Inkadia, often causing her to be away from her friends. At an unspecified time, she got in a relationship with Emperor.

In the Splatoon manga

While on a break from her modelling, she was in the audience, watching the final battle between Team Emperor and Team Blue. She was shocked and enthralled to see Team Blue's victory. She parted ways with Emperor as he went on his self-discovery journey, often missing him. She later reunites with Emperor during the Square King Ranked Cup, where he temporarily takes the place of an injured Specs. After the final battle against X-Blood, her and Emperor would often meet up after his shifts at the Crust Bucket.

In Coroika Futures

Prior to the events of Coroika Futures, she married Emperor and had a daughter with him. She has since retired from her modelling career, often staying home.



Desi has a close relationship with her mother, affectionately calling her "mama". They would often share strawberry parfaits when she was a young child. Her mother gave her the opportunity to work as a model for Enperry due to her positioning, and she is immensely grateful for everything her mom has done for her.


Emperor is the closest person to Desi. They first met in primary school, where she was having trouble with finding something. Overcoming her shyness, she introduced herself after thanking him. Following that, their parents would often arrange playdates between the two friends. Desi would soon catch romantic feelings for him. Confessing her feelings to him was very scary for her, as she was not sure how he would react. To her surprise, Emperor already knew about her feelings and reciprocated them, bringing joy to her heart.


She has a good relationship with Prinz, knowing him since he was young.


Desi has a close relationship with N-Pacer, often meeting up to have tea together.

Squidkid Jr.

Her relationship with Squidkid Jr. is positive, although sometimes he can startle her with his overexcitable personality.

Team Blue

Her relationship with Team Blue is minor, as their only interactions are due to Emperor joining their team. Like others, she believes their team is quite dumb, but admires their ability to have fun while battling.



  • She and Emperor went to the same private school.
  • Her fondest memory is the first time she tasted a strawberry parfait with her mom.
  • She gifted Emperor his pinkie ring on their first date to Snapper Canal.