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For the Pikmin Fanon account, see Blower Pot.
Blower Pot
I'm nonbinary or something
They/Them, He/Him, He/They
Human (of course)
Inactive (for now)

Hi, I'm Blower Pot, also known as Darryl Omg or just Darryl. I'm a user on Pikmin Fanon, and a former frequent Fandom user. Unfortunately, this wiki isn't much active as Pikmin Fanon. But maybe it'll get more active soon!

I'm making a fanon game named Wario Land: A Line to the Riches. You can also help, and give me some ideas maybe for what I could do. For now, I'm not active here, but I'll go into cleaning pages up soon someday.

I for now have the following things to be added in the game, I'll show what things will be to be added: Yellow Desert, Blue Ocean, Orange Fall, Red Volcano, Gray Cavern, Cyan Mountain, Purple Mansion, Pink Skies, Black Castle, and the White Challenge. All worlds are based on colors, White Challenge acts as a bonus world. And we'll have enemies I didn't shown yet, those being the Sneaky Dudes, Paint Germs, Haunters, Freezing Goomba, and more.