Wario Land: A Line to the Riches

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Wario Land: A Line to the Riches
PC, Nintendo Switch
Two-player, multiplayer

Wario Land: A Line to the Riches, also written as Wario Land: A Line to the Rich, is a co-op platformer game created by Blower Pot. The sixth Wario Land game of the series, after over ten years after Wario Land: Shake It!, also being heavily inspired by Wario: Master of Disguise. This game is unique compared to other games of the series, due to being multiplayer, in comparison, all previous Wario land games were single-player. Two players need to cooperate with eachother, one controlling Wario, and the other controlling Holi.


In Wario Land: A Line to the Riches, one player controls Wario, the titular protagonist, he can walk and jump, but as well he dash, which can stun and defeat enemies and destroy blocks. While this, the other player controls Holi, a magical paint brush, she can move freely through the screen, but she cannot interact with most things on the screen, by clicking on the joystick, Holi creates a line of rainbow paint that Wario can walk over, however, the paint disappears after some seconds. Both Wario and Holi need to cooperate to proceed, which Holi creates a bridge for Wario so he can reach a place he couldn't reach on his own.

Wario can also do much more attacks, when dashing, if he stops he'll do a kick attack, which will cause the enemy to roll forward if the stunned, which it defeat any other enemy on the way, which also will stun the kicked enemy after it loses speed, but Wario can also perform that with other objects like as barrels, the same thing happens when Wario throws them after grabbing a stunned enemy of object, which the player can aim for where he'll throw them at. However, Wario can mainly get in many forms, which changes how he acts, which are usually caused by when he gets affected by certain enemies or other objects, all those having their uses, advantages, and disadvantages from the normal Wario. For example, the Fire Wario form will cause he tp burn if he hits a Lil Flame, which makes him able to burn ropes and defeat enemies, but he will run nonstop, turning only if he hits a solid object, needing quick action between the two players, until Fire Wario gets hit by water, reverting him back to normal. While Wario usually can't die, in boss fights, holes, "normal" enemies, and others, Wario will be damage, and/or into a game over if damaged enough, or instantly for holes.

Holi can also make other drawings after getting the color emeralds, which are usually done when she draws something, but they can't be not too scribbly, or they won't be recognized. For example, if Hole draws a line and below a trapezoid after getting the yellow emerald, it'll get of the emerald's color and so Wario can grab on those and also so to launch himself up.

At the end of every level, if Wario touches the switch at the end of every level, a timer appears, which the door on the start will open. Wario has to escape the level to the door before the timer runs out, which a explosion will happen resulting in a game over. Which the players will have to try again.

Wario's forms

Most Wario forms return, but some are new from this game, but they are more used them they did before.

Name Description
Fire Wario After Wario touches a Lil' Flame, his back gets set on fire, causing him to run nonstop. Only turning when he hits a wall, that means the player can only make him jump. In this form, Wario can burn ropes, destroying them from the way, and Wario can also defeat enemies on the way.
Flat Wario After Wario is crushed by a Crushin Carlm, he will be squashed to become flat. He moves slowly and cannot jump, but he can glide. After some seconds, he reverts to normal.

Holi's drawings

Holi can draw many types of drawings which Wario can use.

Color Description
Red If Holi draws a square, it'll get solid gravity-affected, Wario can push those red blocks. But if Holi draws another or it is thrown at a enemy, the former one will be destroyed, and for the last defeating the enemy.



In another dimension, named the Drawario Land, in the Green Forest, Holi howevers finds a black goo. As she comes close to it she realizes it isn't goo, but a black painted which expands which so she goes away from the black paint which is causing everything to get dark, engulfing the entire world in shadows. it then cuts to Canvas, who unable to do anything, he watches the black paint approach him, which he disappears into the paint. While this, Holi draws a paint portal, so she leaves through it, which the black paint covers the screen until it goes entirely black.

While this, with Wario, he is on his home, until he sees a strange colorful portal, which Holi comes out from causing Wario to screen, but she explains that her world is being attacked by a mysterious black color. Wario calms down, but he is not interested until she says that it also engulfed the Templete of Gold, a place full of money. Which Wario's pupils turn into coins, which he decides to go into the Drawario Land, ready to get all the money that is in there.

Chapter 1: The Green Forest!

Reaching the Green Forest, Wario falling at the floor, which Wario then gets up, the grass comedically still on his hat resembling a tophat, before he shakes it off. Holi says that this place fortunately wasn't attacked by the black paint, so they can still save this world. Later Wario finds the red emerald, he thinks its treasure, but Holi says that it is actually a emerald, powerful objects, Wario throws it to her, which she gains the ability to draw boxes. They later they something strange, rubber balls and vases, which weren't supposed to be in there according to Holi. Wario asks if those those vases have money in them, which Holi says no, as always.

Chapter 2: The Hand Attacks!

Through the middle of the Green Forest, as Wario is about to reach the switch, The Hand appears and flicks Wario away from the switch, causing him to fall on the Gray Dungeon. After they come out of it, The Hand attacks again, moving the level and trying to attack Wario. Once he presses the switch The Hand goes away. Later however Wario encounters The Hand again this time in a battle finally, but The Hand is finally defeated and it flees.