Tenth generation

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Generation X
November 21st, 2025
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Fifth generation
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Pokémon HOME (ver 5.0+)
November 17th, 2028

The tenth generation of Pokémon games is the tenth installment of the Pokémon video game series starting with Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst, continuing with the Pokémon Topaz Dream Expansion and the Amethyst Dream Expansion, Pokémon Black 3 and White 3, Pokémon Infernal Black and Eternal White, and concluding with Pokémon Legends: The Darkest Day. Unlike previous generations, the core series games of the tenth generation were released on two different platforms simultaneously: the Nintendo Switch 1 and the Xbox Series X|S. However, Topaz and Amethyst was initially going to be exclusive for the the former, until they were eventually revealed to be released for both that console and the latter, as Nintendo joined Microsoft Gaming on September 29th, 2025. This makes the tenth generation is the last generation released on a Nintendo platform and the first one on an Xbox platform; this is the only generation, however, to be released for the Switch 1, as well as the only generation to be released for the Xbox Series X|S.

Advances in gameplay

  • Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst are open-world games in which areas are seamlessly connected. The areas in the game can be visited in any order.
  • Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst feature multiplayer with up to four players simultaneously via the Union Outplay, enabling trading and battling between players as well as allowing them to travel through the game's areas and hold refresh outings together.
  • The addition of 135 new Pokémon, bringing the total to 1180.
    • The introduction of ecologically similar Pokémon similar to Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat.
  • A new region to explore, the Oshin region, based on Australia.
  • A new villainous team, Team Chill.
  • The introduction of the regional forms for Paras, Yungoos, and Gumshoos.
  • A new battle mechanic, Dreamscape, which recolors the Pokémon in an animated rainbow pattern and nullifies the damage taken from regular opponents. Rainbowscape expands on this mechanic by also changing a Pokémon's form and turning certain moves into R-Scape Moves.
  • The introduction of Poké Boot Camp, a system that allows players to exchange special Talismans to maximize Pokémon's EVs up to the maximum number of 1530.

Alterations from Generation IX

Further additions in Topaz and Amethyst updates

Version 1.2.0

  • The addition of a new Pokémon, Walrampire, bringing the total to 1181.

Further additions in the Pokémon Topaz Dream Expansion and Amethyst Dream Expansion

The Jade Token (Version 2.0.0)

The Tourmaline Airfoil (Version 3.0.0)