Miitwopia: Miitopia 2

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Miitwopia: Miitopia 2
New worlds, new adventures, new faces
Nintendo Switch Tri
Release Date
June 11th, 2026
Solo Campaign/Online Battles

Miitwopia: Miitopia 2 also known as Miitwopia is the sequel to Miitopia and was released for the Nintendo Switch Tri. It acted as a launch title for the system alongside Super Mario Dimensions, Legends Regigigas: Pokemon Warriors, and the Earthbound Rockin Collection. The game was released worldwide on June 11th, 2026 and acts as a direct sequel to Miitopia. It features an expansion on the core gameplay featuring many more jobs, enemies, and other additions while changing other parts of the game such as a revamped overworld. The reception was positive as critics loved the humor, stronger gameplay, and music, but they disliked the sudden spikes in difficulty. It later became the 9th best-selling game of 2026.


The battle system of Miitwopia is mostly similar to the battle system of the original Miitopia. Like previously battles involve the party fighting against a monster containing the parts of a mii's face. Each mii can be one of several jobs as well as several personalities, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. However said battle system have been updated quite a bit:

  • The turn order is now shown during battle, allowing players to see which player and monster will be able to attack next.
  • There is an option to control the actions of the AI, allowing for better strategies during battle.
  • Rather than have each armor be a direct upgrade over the previous armor, instead each armor contains a variety of positive and negative traits allowing for better customization.
  • Elemental attacks are added, now Miis and enemies can use attacks using the elements of Fire, Water, Ice, Nature, Storm, Earth, Acid, Bone, PSI, Code, Light, and Shadow. Each monster has a list of elemental resistances and weaknesses, which can be taken advantage of using new elemental attacks. Additionally new weapons allows one to infuse their attacks with different elemental effects, allowing for more customization.