Earthbound Rockin' Collection

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Earthbound Rockin' Collection
Strange, Funny and Heartrending, now in Remastered Bliss
HAL Laboratory
Nintendo Switch Tri
Release Date
June 11th, 2026
Solo Campaign

The Earthbound Rockin' Collection is a remasted collection of the entire Earthbound/Mother Trilogy. The game is also the first appearance of an official translation of Mother 3, now dubbed Earthbound Neo. The reason that Mother 3 took so long to complete was that Nintendo secretly worked with British Claymation Studio Aardman Animations to use stop motion to create the sets and characters of the original clay models. The game also featured the option for full voice acting for all three games. The reception was mixed, critics were unimpressed by the game citing that the claymation graphics only shielded over a fun yet outdated game. Fans however adored the game praising the graphics and voice acting, in particular, the internet quickly used Kumatora's sudden Australian accent and used it in memes alongside Kirby Right Back At Yah's King Dedede, and The Donkey Kong Cartoon's King K. Rool. The game was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch Tri.