Generator Gawl: The Continued Saga

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Generator Gawl: The Continued Saga is a fan-made continuation of the anime series, Generator Gawl. It takes place in December 2008, a year and three months after the events of the original series, and follows the three main protagonists, Gawl, Koji, and Ryo, and their friend from the present time, Masami.


For the full story, see Generator Gawl: The Continued Saga/Story

Returning Characters

Gawl Kudo

Gawl is the titular character of the series. He is what is known as a Generator, a human that can transform his body into a giant metal beast, and is one of the strongest to ever exist, having only been defeated once. His generations are very taxing for him, however, leaving him hungry or tired after each generation.

Despite his strength, however, Gawl is not very bright, leaving him to be in some pretty embarrassing situations.

Gawl does not get along with Masami that well, and will often bicker with her.

Koji Suzuki

Koji is a scientist from the future. He always has an emotionless expression on his face, and very rarely ever shows emotion.

Like Gawl, Koji is a Generator, however, he is far weaker than Gawl.

Koji is very proficient in math, making him one of the smartest kids in his class.

Ryo Tanaka

Ryo is also a scientist from the future. He is very kindhearted, and doesn’t hesitate to voice his opinion about something.

Back in his time, Ryo was the head of the Generator project, the project that created Gawl. After finding out the truth about Kubere and the Generator project, Ryo shows immense guilt for the tests he did on Gawl, and how he had unknowingly helped Kubere destroy the world.

Like Gawl, Ryo is a Generator, however he is far weaker than Gawl.

Masami Shippo

Masami is a teenage girl from the present time. She is kind and energetic most of the time, however when she’s suspicious about something, she doesn’t hesitate to get to the bottom of it. She also tends to get irritated if someone antagonizes her, or if someone says something she strongly disagrees with.

Masami cares a lot about the three boys, especially Gawl, however, she tries to not show it.

New Characters

Professor Toge Sasaki

Professor Sasaki is a scientist that specializes in human biology. He accidentally discovers the Include Cells, the cells that allow humans to become Generators, while looking at a simple strand of DNA. He intended to never speak of them again after he discovers the dangers of using them, but a trusted coworker of his turned on him and stole his research notes. Now, he has no other choice but to continue his research to recover what he had lost.


Nezuko is Professor Sasaki’s assistant. She bears an exact resemblance to Gawl, Koji, Ryo, and Masami’s friend, Natsume Chigira, who died during the three boys’ mission the year before. Her mannerisms are similar to Natsume’s as well. She immediately befriends the boys and Masami, feeling as if she had met them before.

Despite looking and acting just like Natsume, Nezuko claims that she has never gone by that name, nor has she ever met anyone with that name.