Generator Gawl: The Continued Saga/Story

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Here is where I am putting the main story for Generator Gawl: The Continued Saga! Hope you enjoy!

Intro song: Diver by NICO Touches the Walls

Outro song: Summer Song by YUI

Chapter 1

(It's December 2008. A blanket of snow covers the city of Oh-ju. Suddenly, a teenage boy, wearing winter gear, opens the door to the house he's staying in. He gasps in amazement as he looks at the snow on the ground.)

Gawl: Hey, Ryo! Koji! Come check this out!

(Gawl excitedly runs into the snow as his friends, Koji, Ryo, and Masami walked out of the house. All three were also wearing winter gear. Koji is now donning black-framed glasses, and Masami is no longer wearing a Shinyon on her head, instead wearing her hair in a ponytail.)

Masami (raising an eyebrow):What's with him?

Ryo:Gawl's never seen snow before. In our time, Kubere figured out how to control the weather.

Koji:Ryo and I have seen snow once before. When we were in training, the weather malfunctioned, and it was naturally snowing that day.

Masami:Is that so?

(Masami kneels down as she scoops up snow from the ground and packed it. She then turned to Gawl.)

Masami:Hey, Gawl! Heads up!

(Masami hurls the snowball at Gawl, hitting him in the face.)

Gawl:Are you nuts?! What'd you do that for?!

Masami:It's a snowball fight! That's what you're supposed to do!

Gawl:Oh, yeah?! Well, two can play that game!

(Ryo laughs as Gawl and Masami chase each other around, shouting and throwing snowballs at each other. He then turns to Koji, who has his usual expression on his face.)

Ryo:C'mon, Koji. Have some fun!

Koji (unenthusiastically):Yippee.

(Suddenly, Gawl tries to throw a snowball at Masami, but misses, and hits Ryo in the face.)

Gawl:Oops! Sorry about that, Ryo!

Ryo:(laughs) You got me good, Gawl!

(Ryo decides to join in on the fun. He runs over to Gawl and Masami and starts to pack some snow up. Letting the three have their fun, Koji decides to take a walk. He walks into a wooded area nearby and starts wandering around. Suddenly, he hears a twig snap.)

Koji (in his mind):Must be an animal nearby.

(But suddenly, he hears another twig snap. This time, it sounded far bigger than an animal. Koji gets a gut feeling that something isn't right. He walks closer to the sound to investigate. Suddenly, an enormous figure appears from the trees. Koji gasps as he takes a step back.)

(Meanwhile, Gawl, Ryo, and Masami are continuing to have their snowball fight, when they saw Koji suddenly running out of the woods.)



(Suddenly, an attack knocks Koji off his feet as he tumbles onto the street.)

Gawl, Ryo, Masami:KOJI!!!

(Masami helps Koji up as Gawl and Ryo take a look at the figure. It was a tall metal beast, standing at 10 feet tall. It was a Generator.)

Gawl:What the heck?! What's a Generator doing here?!

(Ryo suddenly realizes that Koji and Masami were about to get hit. Thinking quickly, he jumped in front of the two, and took the blow as the Generator smashed him into a tree.)


Masami:Gawl, can't you generate and defeat that thing?!

Gawl:What?! Masami, I don't even know if I can generate anymore!

(Suddenly, the Generator picks Gawl up and throws him to the ground.)


(Knowing what he must do, Koji stands up straight as he gets ready.)

Koji:So that's how you wanna play, huh?

(Koji outstretches his arms as he lets out a powerful scream, his body transforming into his Generator form. He charges at the Generator, reaching for the core, but is pushed back. Koji charges at the generator, but is once again pushed back. Watching the battle, Ryo decides that he needed to help his friend. He gets up as he stands up straight.)

Ryo:Koji, heads up!

(Koji turns to him as Ryo outstretched his arms and let out a powerful scream. He transformed into his Generator form. He goes for the Generator, but is pushed back. Seeing this as an opportunity, Koji charges at the Generator, rips out its core, and crushes it. Koji and Ryo degenerate back into their human forms, exhausted and badly beat up.)

Gawl (raising an eyebrow):Well, that Generator didn't put up too much of a fight.

(The four head back into the house as Ryo starts thinking. Why was there a Generator? And where did it come from? Ryo continued to ponder it as he and his friends walked upstairs to the spare room.)

Chapter 2

(Gawl, Koji, and Ryo are all sitting in the spare room at Masami's house.)

Ryo (looking at Koji):So, you're saying that the Generator we faced wasn't as strong as the ones developed by Kubere?

Koji:Apparently so. But how would a Generator exist in a time where the Include Cells haven't been discovered yet?

(Ryo turns to Gawl, who is leaned up against a wall.)

Ryo:Are you alright, Gawl?

Gawl:I'm fine! Bring on the next one!

(Suddenly, Gawl groans in pain from where his side was scraped.)

Gawl:You two should worry more about yourselves. You're the ones who got their butts kicked today.

(Suddenly, Masami walks in with some pain pills in her hand.)

Masami:Here's the medicine you asked for, Koji.

Koji:Thank you, Masami.

(Koji took the bottle from Masami as the three boys each took a dose of the medicine.)

Koji:Masami, we need to talk about something. That Generator that we saw today was far weaker than the Generators developed by Kubere.

Masami:You're serious? That Generator seemed pretty tough to me.

Gawl:Ah, they all do at first glance. That thing wasn't even Phase 1.

Koji:What's even more concerning is that Kubere is no longer even a thought, therefore, the Include Cells have remained undiscovered.

Ryo:Unless... (Suddenly realizes something) Oh no!

Masami:What is it, Ryo?

Ryo:If there are Generators in this timeline, then that means that someone other than Takuma Nekasa... or rather, me, discovered the Include Cells, and now is starting to create Generators!

Masami:So, you're saying...

Ryo:History is repeating itself! If we just do nothing about this, it's Kubere all over again!

(Masami looks over at Koji, who has his arms crossed and his eyes closed.)

Koji (adjusting his glasses):Ryo's right. Only this time, we don't know how much time we have left. Sooner or later, whoever made that Generator will make stronger ones, and soon, it'll be those three months all over again.

(Masami looks at the floor as she clenches her fists.)

Masami:There has to be a way that I can help.

Ryo:You've done so much already, Masami.

Masami:That's not what I mean, Ryo. Last time this happened, you three ran around and risked your lives while I sat back and did nothing! I did nothing to help! Now, I want to help you three. If only I could generate myself...

Gawl (cutting Masami off):No, Masami. You do not want to do that. Your body will go through major changes, and you may not be able to handle it.

Masami:*sigh* But I don't want to have to do the same thing I did last time! There has to... There has to be something I can do to help you three!

(Suddenly, the four hear Masami's mother calling up to them.)

Masami's mother:Masami! Boys! It's a school night!

Koji (sarcastic):We better talk about this later, or Masami's mom might smite us.

(Masami says goodnight to the boys as she goes downstairs to get ready for bed. Once she got in bed, she couldn't help but think back to Gawl's comment from earlier.)

Gawl (in Masami's mind)What?! Masami, I don't even know if I can generate anymore!

Masami (in her head):What did Gawl mean by that? Is there something wrong with him that he's not telling me about?