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(Cutscene: A young woman by the name of Marissa fighting against a dark figure. Fighting alongside her was the spirit of a man, her age, yet fighting with immense skill. The two fight as the dark figure escapes their blow.)

???: Behind you!

(Marissa turns around and blocks the attack as she continues to fight with the dark figure. She fights with strength she didn’t know she had until recently, and as Marissa and the mysterious spirit fight together, the dark figure hovers above them, about to unleash a powerful attack.)

???: Look out!

(The spirit shields Marissa from the attack as the camera zooms in on the dark figure, who’s frustrated to no end.)

(End cutscene.)

(Shifts to gameplay, yet dialogue continues.)

???: Well, this is it. The final battle. We’ve made it this far, thanks to you, Marissa. Now, let’s end this!

(Gameplay begins)

(Once the dark figure is reached:)

Dark Figure: Struggle all you want, fools! It matters not! I am the end!

(After the dark figure is defeated:)

(Cutscene: The dark figure falls to the ground as an enormous dragon falls from the sky.)

???: I-It’s over. It’s finally over.

(Suddenly, a wing of the dragon hits Marissa in the face, launching her away from the spirit and knocking her unconscious. The screen goes black, and the only thing the player hears is the spirit shouting Marissa’s name.

???: Marissa! Marissa!!

(End cutscene)


(Cutscene: The camera shows what’s left of the Halidom of Ylisse. Scene shifts to an orphanage. All of the children are asleep. It’s quiet, when all of a sudden, one of the children hears a soft whisper. It was calm and kind, yet had a sense of urgency to it.)

???: Marissa…

(Suddenly, Marissa wakes up as she looks around. She had always heard that voice all her life, but recently, it was sounding more urgent, almost as if it was trying to tell her something. When she would acknowledge the voice and ask what it wanted, she would always be met with silence.)

Marissa (in her mind): That voice again. What could it want?

(Marissa gets up as she gets ready for the day. Today was her 16th birthday, which was also the day where she would interact with the legendary Blade of Light, the Falchion. She knew that the stories she heard about the legend of the Ylissean prince or princess was just a myth, but she still had a sense of uneasiness about it. As she continued to think about it, she heard the voice again.)

???: Marissa…

Marissa: Huh?

(Marissa turns around, but still doesn’t find the source of the voice. What did the voice want? And why was it only calling her name? Once she was finished getting ready, she walked down the stairs as she saw her childhood friend, Leah, already downstairs.)

Marissa: L-Leah. What are you doing awake?

Leah: I wanted to give you something before you headed off to the castle. Happy Birthday, Marissa.

(Leah hands Marissa a gift box. Marissa opens it, and inside was a brooch with a shining red stone on it.)

Marissa: A-A brooch?

Leah: It’s a replica of the one worn by the Hero-King Marth.

Marissa (smiling): Th-Thank you, Leah. But you know that the Hero-King is just a myth, right?

Leah: True, but real or not, you have the determination and the bravery that the Hero-King had.

(Suddenly, Marissa notices the time, and realizes she’ll be late if she doesn’t move it.)

Marissa: Ah! I have to go! Bye, Leah!

Leah: Good luck!

(Cut to black. As the camera fades back in, Marissa is in the Ylissean castle, waiting her turn to draw the Falchion. Finally, it is her turn.)

Grimleal soldier: State your name, girl.

Marissa: M-Marissa, sir.

(The soldier studies Marissa, realizing something that Marissa doesn’t realize. Suddenly, a smile of confidence spreads on his face.)

Grimleal soldier: Draw the sword.

(Marissa’s heart pounds hard against her chest as she stares at the sword. It looked just like the pictures from the stories she read as a child. She gets nervous, but asks herself what she has to worry about. She picks up the sword, when suddenly, a blinding light emits from the blade. Marissa whimpers as she shields her eyes.)

Marissa: Wh-What’s happening?!

(Suddenly, Marissa hears the voice again.)

???: Well done, Marissa. You have proven yourself worthy.

Marissa: Who… Who are you?!

???: Meet me in the Tomb of the Hero-King. I will explain everything there.

(The light dies down as the soldier walks towards her.)

Grimleal soldier: So, you’re the princess.

Marissa: P-Princess?! No, i-it can’t be!

(Suddenly, an arm grabs Marissa. She gasps as she looks at the figure. It was an old woman in a hood. The woman spoke with a soft accent that Marissa had not heard very much in her life.)

Old Woman: Come with me, Child! Quickly! You’re not safe here!

Marissa: Wait, who are you?

Old Woman: There’s no time for that now! Hurry!

(Not sure what else to do, Marissa follows the woman as the two try to make it out.)

(End cutscene. Switches to gameplay, but dialogue continues.)

Marissa: They’ve blocked off the exit! We’re trapped!

Old Woman: Not yet! We may have to fight our way out, but we still stand a chance!

Marissa: F-Fight? But I’ve never used a sword before!

Old Woman: Don’t doubt yourself, child. You possess more strength than you know.

Marissa (trying to process): More… strength?

Old Woman: Ready your blade! They’re moving forward!

(Gameplay begins)

(Once Marissa reaches the boss:)

Enemy Captain: This is your last warning, Princess. Surrender now, or face the consequences.

(Once the battle is over:)

Marissa: We made it out.

Old Woman: Quick, child. I’ll take you where we’ll be safe.

(Fades to black)

(Cutscene: A Grimleal soldier kneels down to a dark figure.)

Grimleal soldier: Master Grima, we have finally found the princess. She is a girl named Marissa. However, she escaped with a mysterious old woman, taking the Falchion with her.

(The dark figure speaks, his voice reverberated.)

Dark Figure: Yes, very agitating indeed. But it matters not. I watched her as she fought. She doesn’t stand a chance against my might.

(The dark figure laughs cruelly as the scene fades to black.)

(End cutscene)

Chapter 1

(Cutscene: Marissa and the old woman arrive at a hut just outside of Ylisstol, the capital of Ylisse. Confused, Marissa asks the old woman what’s going on.)

Marissa: Thanks for your help, but what’s going on? And who are you?

Old Woman: I’m just a humble woman from a complicated background.

Marissa: Complicated? What do you mean?

Old Woman (removing her hood, revealing her green hair): Well, you may think I’m human, but in reality, I’ve lived far longer than an average human.

Marissa: So, you’re a dragon?

Old Woman: Exactly. I’ve been a friend of your family for centuries.

Marissa: M-My family? But, I don’t know anything about my family. I’m an orphan.

Old Woman: As you now know, your family were the rulers of Ylisse, but your heritage goes farther than that. Your ancestors were some of the most well known heroes, including the Hero-King, Marth, himself.

Marissa (struggling to process): Th-The Hero-King?! I’m a descendant of the Hero-King Marth?!

Old Woman: Yes. I fought alongside your ancestor, and since then, I’ve helped his descendants.

(Suddenly, Marissa is struck with a realization.)

Marissa: Oh my gosh, you’re Tiki.

Tiki: That’s correct.

Marissa: B-But I thought the story of the Hero-King was just a myth!

Tiki: No, dear child, it was very real.

Marissa: If only he was still alive, Ylisse might have had a chance. The entire country has been ravaged, and its people are under the oppression of the Grimleal. Weak as I am, if I’m the princess of Ylisse, then I owe it to my people to reclaim the country. But I can’t do it alone. If only Marth were alive today…

Tiki: You know, there might be a way to seal the Grimleal’s leader, Grima, away.

Marissa: Really?! Tell me how!

Tiki: It would require you to find descendants of other past heroes, but it’s really the only way to do it.

Marissa: I’ll do it. For Ylisse.

Tiki: Before you do, there’s one thing you should do. Follow me.

(Marissa and Tiki walk out of the hut, as they walk towards a tomb donned with the Altean crest.)

Marissa: I-Is this… the Tomb of the Hero-King?

(Tiki nods. Nervous, but ready to face her destiny, Marissa walks inside.

(End cutscene.)

(Cut to gameplay, but dialogue continues)

Marissa: It seems we aren’t alone. Look at all the Grimleal troops in here.

Tiki: Unfortunately, the only way further in is through them. We have to fight them.

Marissa: Alright. Get ready, Tiki!

(Gameplay begins)

(Once Marissa reaches the boss)

Enemy Captain: You’ve done well to make it this far, but you won’t get any further.

(Once the Enemy Captain is defeated)

Marissa: Well, that’s the end of that.

Tiki: Hurry, Marissa. Your destiny awaits.

(Cutscene: Marissa walks up to the altar as Tiki speaks.)

Tiki: Strike the stone with the Falchion.

(Marissa does so, and a blue light emits from the stone. Suddenly, a spirit appears before Marissa. It’s a young man, no older than Marissa. He donned blue armor to match his hair and eyes. His cape flowed in the wind, and pinned to it was a brooch, one that looked exactly like the brooch Leah gave Marissa. On his head was a gold circlet that shone in the light. The spirit softly speaks as Marissa recognizes his voice.)

???: You’ve done well, Marissa. I knew you could do it.

Marissa (surprised): I-It’s you! You’re the voice that spoke to me all my life! But, I never knew your name.

???: I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I am Marth.

Marissa: Marth? So you’re… you’re the Hero-King Marth?!

Marth: That’s correct. It’s an honor to finally meet you in person, my descendant.

Marissa: I-I’d never thought I would actually meet the Hero-King himself. All this time, I thought you were a myth.

(Marth softly smiles.)

Marth: It does seem hard to believe, but I assure you, the story was very real.

(Suddenly, Marissa remembers what she came here for.)

Marissa: Marth, I need your help. My homeland, Ylisse, has been destroyed, and the leader of the group has led the Halidom to oppression. I humbly ask you; will you help me?

Marth (with a determined expression): Of course, I will. One thing, before I do. The Falchion, draw it.

(Marissa draws the Falchion as Marth reaches out his hand, and touches the blade of the sword. A soft glow emits from the blade as Marth puts his hand down.)

Marth: I’ve bound my spirit to the Falchion. That way, I’ll be able to help every step of the way.

Marissa: Marth, thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Marth: It is an honor to fight by your side, Marissa. Lead the way.

(End cutscene. New cutscene: Marth and Tiki are reuniting.)

Marth: It’s good to see you, Tiki. Even if several centuries have passed.

Tiki: I’m so happy to see you, Mar-Mar! You haven’t changed a bit!

Marth (jokingly): Well, it’s a bit hard to age when you’re dead, Tiki.

Tiki: I suppose that’s true.

Marth: Well, whatever the circumstances, let us fight for peace for this time, just as we did before.

Tiki: I’m with you, Mar-Mar. Let’s do it!

(End cutscene)

Chapter 2

(Cutscene: Marissa and Marth are just outside the gates of Ylisstol, plotting what to do next.)

Marissa: Well, I suppose the town is a good place to start looking for Descendants.

Marth: Considering the things that happened yesterday, the town is probably under tighter security than usual. You might want to cloak yourself, just in case.

Marissa: It wouldn’t hurt to do so.

(Cutscene fades to black. As the scene fades back in, Marissa is wearing a black cloak that hides her face, while Marth is concealed within the Falchion. As Marissa walks through the town, she hears a commotion. Marissa investigates as she sees Leah bound by chains. Marissa hides behind a wall as she whispers to Marth.)

Marissa (whispering): Marth.

(Marth suddenly appears in front of Marissa.)

Marissa: Did you see that?

Marth (nods): It seems like they’re apprehending quite the fugitive.

Marissa: No. That’s my friend. Those are Grimleal soldiers apprehending her. We have to rescue her. Will you help me, Marth?

Marth: Of course. My strength is yours.

(Fade to black. Gameplay begins)

(Once Leah is reached:)

Marissa: Leah, are you alright?

Leah: M-Marissa?! The entire town is on lockdown! It’s not safe for you here!

Marissa: I came back to rescue you, Leah. But why were they arresting you?

Leah: They knew I was close to you, and they were going to use me to reveal your location.

Marissa: Well, you’re safe now. Here. Use this tome. We’re going to have to fight our way out of town.

(Marth looks at Leah with a look of nostalgia and curiosity in his eyes.)


Marissa: Marth, is something wrong?

Marth: Hmm? Oh, no. I was just lost in thought.

Marissa: Alright then.

Marth (in his head): Leah… could she be…?

(Gameplay resumes.)

(Once the enemy has been routed:)

(Cutscene: Marissa and Marth run to Leah to check on her.)

Marissa: Leah, are you sure you’re alright?

Leah: I’m fine. Now, what’s going on, why are the Grimleal looking for you? (Looks at Marth) And who is this?

Marissa: It’s a long story. Can we talk about this outside town?

Leah: Um… okay.

(Marissa, Marth, and Leah carefully sneak out of town, away from prying eyes.)

Leah: Marissa, what is going on?

Marissa: Do you remember yesterday when I had to interact with the Falchion?

Leah: Y-yeah, but I don’t understand what that has to do with anything.

(Marissa draws the Falchion and shows it to Leah.)

Marissa: They were looking for me, Leah. I am the Ylissean princess.

Leah: Y-You’re the princess?! That explains a lot, actually.

Marissa: There’s more to it. There’s a way to draw the Grimleal out of Ylisse.

Leah: Really?! How?!

Marissa: That’s where it gets tricky. See, we’re going to have to find descendants of past heroes. I am one of them. I awakened the spirit of my ancestor, and he’s agreed to help.

Marth: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Leah. My name is Marth.

Leah: M-Marth?! As in, the Marth?!

(Marth warmly smiles as he nods, confirming Leah’s assumption.)

Leah: So, all this time, the stories were real.

Marissa: Our goal is to find the rest of the descendants, and awaken the ancestors’ spirits.

Leah: If only there was something I could do. I want to help you, Marissa.

Marth: You know, maybe there is something. Leah, you bear a striking resemblance to an old friend of mine. I wonder if you’re related to him.

Leah: Really? Who is it?

Marth: His name is Merric. He was a very talented mage, and was a dear friend to me and my sister.

Leah: Merric… the Wind Mage from the stories!

Marissa: Marth, are you saying that Leah could be a descendant of Merric?

Marth: It’s very possible. It wouldn’t hurt to try to awaken his spirit.

Marissa: There’s another ancient tomb not far from Ylisstol. I believe it’s the Tomb of the Wind Mage.

Marth: Then let us set off. Time is of the essence.

(The three head off to the Tomb of the Wind Mage.)

(End Cutscene)

Chapter 3

(Cutscene: Marissa, Marth, and Leah approach the Tomb of the Wind Mage.)

Marissa: Here we are. The Tomb of the Wind Mage.

Marth: So it seems. I sense Merric’s presence inside, so that’s a good sign.

Leah: So if I truly am Merric’s descendant, he’ll awaken to my call?

Marth: Yes, just as I did when Marissa awakened me.

Marissa: We have no time to waste. Let’s hurry in.

(Fade to black. Shifts to gameplay, but dialogue continues)

Marissa: The Grimleal stand in our way again. This is getting old.

Leah: But what are they doing here? This place is usually quiet.

Marth: My best guess is that once they found out that Marissa was the princess, they knew the descendants would soon awaken their ancestors.

Marissa: Well, if we want to get to Merric, we’ll have to fight our way through. Leah, Marth, prepare for battle!

Leah: Right!

(Gameplay begins)

(Once the boss is reached:)

Enemy Captain: Let’s just get this over with.

(Once the enemy has been routed:)

Marissa: That’s the end of that.

Leah: There’s the altar. We’re almost there.

Marth: Let’s quickly awaken him and get out of here.

(Cutscene: Leah stands in front of the altar and strikes the stone with her Wind tome. Suddenly, a spirit awakens. It is a young man, clad in a blue and gold robe. His hair and eyes are green, just like Leah’s. The spirit speaks softly, his voice a bit airy.)

???: Ah, it seems I’ve awakened at last. Well done, young one.

Leah: So this is the Wind Mage.

???: That’s correct. I am Merric, the Wind Mage. And who might you be?

Leah: I am Leah. I awakened you, so I guess that makes me your descendant.

Merric: My descendant? It is truly an honor to meet you, Leah.

Leah: The honor is mine, Merric. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.

Merric: So, what brings you here? Why did you awaken me?

(Suddenly, Marissa approaches the two.)

Marissa: Pardon the interruption, but we don’t have much time. Merric, I am Marissa, descendant of the Hero-King Marth. We need your help. The Fell Dragon, Grima, has brought the country Leah and I come from, Ylisse, to ruin. We need you to help us take Grima down. Will you lend us your strength?

Merric: The Fell Dragon… If Grima is anything like Medeus, then his power is probably devastating. Very well. I will aid you in your quest.

Marissa: Merric, thank you.

(Merric nods)

Merric: Leah, your tome. Can I see it?

Leah: Sure. Here.

(Leah hands Merric her tome. Merric places his hand on it as a glow emits from the tome. He then hands it back to Leah.)

Merric: I bound my spirit to your tome.

Leah: Merric, it is an honor to fight by your side.

Merric: Likewise, Leah. I’m glad to be here with you.

(End cutscene. New cutscene: Marth and Merric are together, reuniting.)

Marth: Merric, my dear friend, it’s good to see you again.

Merric: Lord Marth. I’m so glad to see a familiar face. When I first awakened, I thought I might be the only one from our time here. Glad to see that I was wrong.

Marth: I knew Leah was your descendant. She looks too much like you to not be your kin.

(Merric’s attention turns to Marissa and Leah.)

Merric: I will admit, it warms my heart to see that my family is still in close relations with the Altean royal family.

Marth: Same here, Merric. It’s good to see that fate has intertwined our families together once more.

Merric: Marissa and Leah do seem to get along really well. Leah tells me they’ve been friends since they were young.

Marth (smiling): Just like how we were. Merric, for the sake of our descendants, as well as the world, let us fight alongside each other, and Marissa and Leah.

Merric: Marth, it would be an honor to fight by your side once more.

Marth: Together Merric, we will fight for a better future for Ylisse. And for our kin.

Merric: Right.

(End cutscene)