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Fire Emblem: Descendants is a fan-made Fire Emblem game. It acts as a closure to the Fire Emblem series, and brings all of the Fire Emblem stories into one timeline.


Taking place in the timeline where Chrom delivers the final blow to Grima in Fire Emblem: Awakening, the Fell Dragon has once again awakened from his slumber, and has taken over Ylisse. His followers, descendants of Plegians who survived the purge of Plegia, have destroyed the entire kingdom of Ylisse. Grima’s hatred for the Lowell family (Marth’s descendants) has grown since Chrom sealed him away, and seeks revenge on the family. Though he successfully killed the Exalt and the Queen, he knew that their child remained. So, every child of Ylisse was to draw the sword of legend, the Falchion, once they reach the age of 16. If the sword reacted to the child, they would be killed right then and there. The sword had not reacted to any child so far. But that would soon change.

Meanwhile, an orphan by the name of Marissa had recently come of age to where she must draw the Falchion. She is very nervous about it, but her friend, Leah, reassures her, telling her that it’s just a myth, and would be fine. However, once she drew the sword, the blade shone bright, proving she was the princess. Immediately after she draws the sword, the Grimleal attempt to arrest her, but she barely makes it out with a mysterious old woman.

The old woman and Marissa escape to a small hut outside of Ylisse. The old woman reveals herself to be Tiki, the manakete who fought alongside the Hero-King Marth and the former rulers of Ylisse, Chrom and Lucina. She also reveals that Marissa is a descendant of the Hero-King Marth, and says that there is hope to seal the Fell Dragon away again. She leads Marissa to the Hero-King’s tomb, and tells her to strike the Falchion into the stone. She does so, and Marth’s spirit is awakened. He agrees to help Marissa in her journey, but he states that just his power wasn’t enough. In order to seal the Fell Dragon away, all of the descendants of the various heroes need to awaken the heroes’ spirits.

Marissa and Marth go out to find another descendant, when they run into Leah, who’s being chased by Grimleal soldiers. The three defeat the soldiers, and Leah explained that they knew that she was close to Marissa and was trying to take her away. Marissa explains her side of the story to her, and notes that she needs to start looking for the heroes’ descendants. During this discussion, Marth points out that Leah bears a strong resemblance to an old friend of his, Merric, and wonders if she could be his descendant. They head over to the Tomb of the Wind Mage, and Leah successfully awakens Merric’s spirit, proving that she was his descendant.

After gathering a handful of descendants (Robbert, Pearl, Ayana, Caleb, and Landon) and the spirits of their respective ancestors, (Robin, Roy, Alm, Celica, and Lief) the Ylissean army is ambushed by a surprise attack by the Grimleal, and Marissa drops the Falchion, which Marth’s spirit is bound to. Knowing what he must do, Marth sacrifices his freedom to ensure his descendant’s safety, and Marissa makes a promise that she would come back to rescue him. The Ylissean army retreats, leaving the Falchion and the spirit of the young Hero-King in the hands of the Grimleal.

As Marth is held captive, Grima continues to antagonize him, but Marth knows that losing hope will just make matters worse. He does his best to remain patient throughout his captivity, and clings on to hope that Marissa will keep her promise and come back for him.

Days after Marth’s capture, Marissa can’t help but blame herself for what happened. Suddenly, Leah meets her in her tent with a letter and a gift box in her hands. She gives them to Marissa, saying that Marth wanted to give them to her, and entrusted them to Leah just in case something happened. Marissa opens the letter and reads it. The letter, which was handwritten by Marth, tells her to stay strong and true to her ordeals, and how proud he is of her. No longer able to hold her tears back, she opens the box. Inside, was a circlet, the very same one that Marth wore back in his time. Suddenly, Marissa was struck with the realization that Marth wouldn’t have wanted her to isolate herself, full of guilt and sorrow. He would’ve wanted her to press on and keep moving forward. With newfound hope and determination, she places Marth’s circlet on her head and walks out, going to plan her next move.

With nowhere else to turn, the Ylissean army goes back to Tiki, who is told about Marth’s capture. With no other option, Tiki entrusts Ylisse’s most valuable treasure, the Fire Emblem, to Marissa. The gemstones are missing, however, and the army needs to locate all five, but Tiki says that one of them is already in their possession, welded to Marth’s circlet. Marissa takes the circlet off and notices the red shining stone in the center of it, realizing why he gave the circlet to her. She took the stone off and placed it into the Emblem, which was a perfect fit.

After the meeting with Tiki, Marissa acknowledges that she may not have her ancestor by her side, but she will continue to press on to reclaim the Falchion and rescue Marth. Suddenly, Robin overhears this, and tells Marissa of another one of her ancestors, a dear friend of his/hers (Robin’s gender is chosen by the player), Chrom, and is certain that he will be willing to help her. With haste, the Ylissean army marches to the Tomb of the Exalt King, and awakens Chrom’s spirit. Chrom listens to Marissa’s story, and agrees to bind his spirit to a silver sword until the Falchion is reclaimed.

After finding the remaining descendants (Emily, Danielle, Joe, Isaiah, Addy, and Laura), awakening the remaining ancestors (Lucina, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Ike, Ashe, and Linhardt), and collecting the four remaining gemstones, Marissa finally uncovers documents that were from a corpse of an enemy captain that reveal where they were keeping Marth. With newfound hope, the Ylissean army makes haste and marches to the fortress.

Once arriving, the army finds an inescapable fate; Marth was fighting against his will alongside the enemy captain. Once they meet in battle, Marth and Marissa express their aversion to fighting each other, but they both know that if Marissa wins, Marth will be free. With no other choice, the two fight, clashing swords with evenly matched strength. Marissa fights with the enemy captain and Marth for several minutes, until finally, Marissa strikes the captain down, and without hesitation, she grabs the Falchion, returning Marth to her side.

The Ylissean army marches back to Tiki’s hut, and Tiki is delighted to see that Marth has returned. Tiki acknowledges that the time has come to seal Grima away again, but Marissa explains that they can’t just keep sealing him away every thousand years until the end of time. Tiki then reveals that there is a way to kill Grima, but it’ll cost the life force of Divine Dragon blood. Marissa tells Tiki to promise she won’t do it, which Tiki reluctantly agrees. With the final battle in sight, the Ylissean army marches to Ylisstol, the capital of Ylisse.

Once at the capital, Marissa challenges Grima, and the final battle ensues. During the battle, Tiki decides to break her promise, and uses her life force and the Fire Emblem to deprive Grima of his strength. Without hesitation, Marissa delivers the final blow, crying out, “Long live the beautiful land of Ylisse!” But one of Grima’s wings hits Marissa in the face, knocking her out, causing her to fall to the ground. Grima lets out one last roar before his body disappears, forever ridding the world of him. Marth tries to rush to Marissa’s side, but the Falchion is too far, stopping him just inches away from Marissa. Seeing Marth struggle to get to Marissa, Leah picks up the Falchion and brings it closer. Marth drops to Marissa’s side, noticing she’s still alive. Marissa opens her eyes, and Marth tells her that Grima is gone. Marissa feels a wave of relief, before suddenly remembering Tiki. She gets up and rushes to Tiki’s side, assuring her that she’s going to be fine. However, Marth knew the truth. Tiki was dying. Tiki turns to Marth as she says, “Marth… Mar-Mar… I’m so grateful… I got to see you… one last time.” before one last breath escaped her body.

Shortly after the battle, Marth tells Marissa that the duty of the ancestors have been fulfilled, and that they are no longer needed. At first, Marissa clings to Marth, begging him not to leave, but Marth responds with “Marissa, I will never leave you. I will always be guiding you in your heart.” Accepting that they must go, Marissa bids farewell to Marth and the rest of the ancestors as they disappear, indicating that their spirits have returned to slumber.

With Ylisse finally being restored, Marissa takes up the throne as Exalt of Ylisse. Then, she founded a new kingdom under a new name. In honor of Marth, she called it the New Kingdom of Altea.

(Working plot: subject to change)


DISCLAIMER: The images used to depict the characters are AI generated images. These are only placeholder images, and will be replaced once I get an official concept artist.

Descendant Characters


Marissa, descendant of the Hero-King Marth

Marissa is the main protagonist of the story. She is the rightful heir to the throne of Ylisse, and is a descendant of the Hero-King Marth, as well as Chrom and Lucina. She is brave, kind, and according to Tiki, looks a lot like Marth when he was her age. She is determined to put an end to the evil that has infected her home, Ylisse, for 16 years.


Leah, descendant of Merric

Leah is Marissa's childhood friend, and is a descendant of Merric. Leah is loyal to those she cares for, and will do anything she can to help her friends, even if it means getting herself killed.


Robbert, descendant of Robin

Robbert is a mercenary who is recruited by Marissa, and is a descendant of Robin. He has a tough personality, but is compassionate to his comrades.


Pearl, descendant of Roy

Pearl is the princess of Pharae, and is a descendant of Roy. She is very forgetful, and is often naïve to a lot.


Ayana, descendant of Alm and Celica

Ayana is the princess of Valm, and is a descendant of both Alm and Celica. She and her brother, Caleb, are twins, with Ayana being the youngest of the two. She is focused and diligent, but also loves to have fun every now and then.


Caleb, descendant of Alm and Celica

Caleb is the prince of Valm, and is also a descendant of both Alm and Celica. He and his sister, Ayana, are twins, with Caleb being slightly older. He is a very skilled mage, and uses his free time to perfect his skills.


Landon, descendant of Leif

Landon is the crown prince of New Thracia, and is a descendant of Leif. Much like his ancestor, Landon has a tendency to fall victim to his emotions and passions. However, he wants to learn how to be a better prince so he can be an even better king.


Isaiah, descendant of the Radiant Hero Ike

Isaiah is a mercenary like his ancestors were, and is a descendant of Ike, as well as Priam. He is very passionate about fighting for what’s right, and swears to help restore his homeland.


Emily, descendant of Edelgard

Emily is a noble of a former empire, and is a descendant of Edelgard. Despite their ancestors’s differences, Emily and her friends, Danielle and Joe, are pretty good friends. Emily is a determined young girl who will do anything to do what’s right.


Danielle, descendant of Dimitri

Danielle is a noble of a former kingdom, and is a descendant of Dimitri. Danielle gets along well with Emily and Joe, even though their ancestors were not on good terms. She is carefree, and most of her comrades almost never see her on the training grounds.


Joe, descendant of Claude

Joe is a noble of a former alliance, and is a descendant of Claude. He is friends with Emily and Danielle, even though their ancestors were at war with each other. Joe is a lot like his ancestor, Claude, being more laid back than the other two, however knows when to be serious too.


Addy, descendant of Ashe Ubert

Addy is an archer who lives in Regna Ferox, and is a descendant of Ashe Ubert. She is a kind person, yet has a very serious demeanor.


Laura, descendant of Linhardt

Laura is a mage who is extremely advanced in magic, and is a descendant of Linhardt. She is incredibly smart, and often gives her opinion when discussing a tactic.

Non-descendant Characters


Tiki, the Divine Voice

This is the same Tiki from Shadow Dragon, Mystery of the Emblem and Awakening, only this time, she is an old woman. She is the only one who knows of Marissa's destiny after Marissa's parents were killed in the fall of Ylisse.


Grima, the Fell Dragon

Awakening from his slumber, Grima is now ruling over Ylisse. He seeks vengeance for what Chrom did to him, and to wipe out all of his descendants, Marissa's family.

Notable weapons


The Falchion, the Blade of Light

This is the same Falchion that Marth and Chrom wielded. The last owner who wielded it, Marissa’s father, wanted to revert it back to its original design, so it was forged to its original form, and was made stronger. After Ylisse had fallen to Grima’s army, the Falchion was taken by Grima. 16 years later, the Falchion was returned to its rightful owner, Marissa, after she drew the sword and the blade shone bright. After Marth, Chrom, and Lucina’s spirits are awakened, they will fight at the side of whoever wields the Falchion, however only one of the player’s choice will aid the wielder in battle. They can be swapped out after every chapter.

The Binding Blade

The Binding Blade, the Sword of Seals

The Binding Blade is the very sword Roy used in his journey. It was passed down by many generations, before it was finally passed down to Pearl. After Roy’s spirit is awakened, he’ll fight by Pearl’s side when she wields the Binding Blade.

Valmese Falchion

(Not to be confused with the Archanean Falchion)

The Valmese Falchion, Alm’s blade

The Valmese Falchion is the same blade that Alm wielded in his quest. It was passed down by many generations. Both Ayana and Caleb can wield this weapon. Once Alm’s spirit is awakened, he will fight alongside Ayana or Caleb when they wield the Valmese Falchion.


Ragnarok, Celica’s tome

This specific Ragnarok tome is the one Celica once used. It was not used since Celica’s death, however, once Valm heard of Ylisse’s demise, the king kept it close by to keep his kingdom safe, and it was passed down to the twins once he died. Both Ayana and Caleb can use this weapon. Once Celica’s spirit is awakened, she will aid Ayana or Caleb when they wield Ragnarok.


Aymr, the Axe of the Emperor

Aymr is a Hero’s Relic that was passed down by the Descendants of the Emperor of the Adrestian Empire, before it was passed down to Emily. Since Emily bears the Crest of Flames, and is the only one to do so, only she can wield Aymr. Once Edelgard’s spirit is awakened, she’ll fight with Emily when she wields Aymr.


Areadbhar, the Lance of the King

Areadbhar is a Hero’s Relic that belonged to Dimitri, king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. After King Dimitri’s death, Areadbhar was passed down to his son. It was passed down by multiple generations, even after the kingdom was no more, and was eventually passed down to Danielle. Since Danielle is the only one left in her lineage to bear a Crest of Blaiddyd, she is the only one who can wield Areadbhar. Once Dimitri’s spirit is awakened, he will aid Danielle when she wields Areadbhar.


Failnaught, the Bow of the Leader

Failnaught is the bow that was wielded by Claude von Riegan, the Leader of the Leicester Alliance. It was passed down by each generation, before finally being passed down to Joe. Joe’s the only one who bears the Crest of Riegan, therefore, only he wields Failnaught. After Claude’s spirit is awakened, he will fight by Joe’s side when he wields Failnaught.


Ancestral Strike

Ancestral Strikes are special attacks that can only be used once an Ancestor character is awakened. An Ancestral Strike can only be used by that Ancestor’s respective Descendant character, however, Descendant characters of multiple Ancestor characters can choose which Ancestral Strike to use. Ancestral Strikes can only be used once per unit per 2 chapters, so they need to be used wisely.


When Marth’s Ancestral Strike is activated, he will support Marissa in an attack similar to Lodestar Rush from Engage. Both will charge at the enemy, and unleash five powerful blows before finally unleashing a sixth blow, more powerful than the last five.


Once Chrom’s Ancestral Strike is activated, both he and Marissa will unleash an Awakening Aether.


Once Lucina’s Ancestral Strike is activated, she will assist Marissa in an attack similar to Lucina’s Awakening special in Warriors. Both will attack from both sides, before unleashing a powerful attack, launching their enemy downward.


When Merric’s Ancestral Strike is activated, he will help Leah unleash an attack known as Mage’s Wind (placeholder name). Merric and Leah will unleash five Wind attacks before Merric finally unleashes a powerful Excalibur attack.


Once Robin’s Ancestral Strike is activated, he/she (Robin's gender is chosen by the player) and Robbert will perform an attack similar to Robin’s Final Smash attack in the Super Smash Bros. series. Robbert and Robin will tag in and out as they attack, and both will unleash a Bolganone attack.