Fire Emblem:Descendants/Quotes

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Here are some quotes for for the characters in Fire Emblem Descendants.

Descendant characters


Battle Quotes

For Ylisse!
— Marissa when she is selected for the first time in a battle
Forgive me!
— Marissa’s first critical quote (Only available after Marth’s spirit is awakened)
Anything can change!
— Marissa’s second critical quote (Only available after Chrom’s spirit is awakened)
Hope will never die!
— Marissa’s third critical quote (Only available after Lucina’s spirit is awakened)
For the future of the world!
— Marissa’s fourth critical quote
One step closer to victory.
— Marissa’s first victory quote
It had to be done.
— Marissa’s second victory quote
I-I’m sorry… everyone. I have… failed you all…
— Marissa if she falls in battle


Battle Quotes

Just say the word.
— Leah when she is selected for the first time in a battle
Winds, heed me!
— Leah’s first critical quote (Only available after Merric’s spirit is awakened)
You're wide open!
— Leah’s second critical quote
I have to do this!
— Leah’s third critical quote
— Leah’s fourth critical quote
For Lady Marissa.
— Leah’s first victory quote
It was fate that I won.
— Leah's second victory quote
Forgive me, Marissa. I have to retreat so I can fight for you until the end.
— Leah's retreat quote

Ancestor Characters


Battle Quotes

No! We can't go on without you, Marissa! Don't go!
— Marth when Marissa falls in battle.