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Like the previous game, Find Mii III has a list of monsters that you will fight over the course of your quest. Several monsters can perform spells, some spells being unique to monsters exclusively. Each monster has an Almanac entry written by Janitor Spike, which often clues players in on tips to defeat some troublesome monsters. Certain monsters are weak to certain spells and likewise resist certain spells, more specifically:

Red Monsters take double damage from the Wave spell but resist the Fire spell, they are immune to the Ice spell.

Blue Monsters take double damage from the Fire spell but resist the Wave spell, they are immune to the Ice spell.

Black Monsters take massive damage from the Light spell but gain a power boost when hit by the Darkness spell.

White Monsters take massive damage from the Darkness spell but gain a power boost when hit by the Light spell.

Metal Monsters are guaranteed to be hit by all strikes of the Thunder spell.

Plants are instantly KO'd when hit by the Tidal Wave spell.

Ghosts are instantly KO's when hit by the Petrify spell

Flying Monsters are immune to getting hit by the Quake spell.

List of Monsters


Bats are the first enemies encountered in Find Mii III, being among the more numerous foes in the game.

Bat Monsters
Name Stats Attacks Tags Almanac
Purple Bat 10 Health Slap - 1 Damage, high miss chance Flying The lowest of the Dark Master's troops. They are below average in everything, what they aren't average in is their color however. That snazzy purple skin they have is quite fashionable; however, it's also functional as it allows it to not be weak to either heat or getting wet.
Blue Bat 25 Health Strike - 1 Damage Flying, Blue Blue Bats live in cold places, as their skin is adapted to live with a lack of heat, however, that also means they are sensitive to high temperatures, so roasting them may be the smart move.
Winter Bat 45 Health Strike - 1 Damage/Frost Breath - 2 Damage, may chill target, making them less likely to attack/Summon - Big chance to summon a Purple Bat, small chance to summon a Blue Bat Flying, Blue This icy annoyance lives in the Sapphire Cave, guarding the Winter Lord. It should be noted that like all bats, it's wings make it immune to seismic activity, but that doesn't mean you can't find other days to give this monster a chilly reception.
Demon Bat 25 Health, 1 Defense Twin Strike - 2 Damage/Curse - Curses you into not performing a random action, whether that is using the sword, using certain spells, or casting potions. Flying, Black These bats seem to be enhanced by the Dark Master's power, making them take less damage and deal devastating curses. If you want to remove a curse, you can spend some Play Coins on a Remedy. That doesn't mean they are invincible; being powered by the Dark Master also makes them weak to being smite by holy light.
Bomb Bat 35 Health Payload - Carries a bomb, if you don't defeat it in 3 turns then the bomb will explode and instantly defeat you. Flying Very daring bats carrying bombs, you might need some solid protection against this foe's blast.
Mutant Bat 60 Health Corrosion - Any damage you deal to this enemy will be dealt to you as well/Bluff - 3 Damage, if you don't attack this turn then the monster will trip and hurt itself Flying The Dark Priestess seems to mutate this poor bat into a giant monster, no direct damage can be done unless you like tasting venom. Time to think of a strategy.
Dark Bat 40 Health Great Strike - 3 Damage/Shadow Shield, casts a Black Shield onto its allies, making them resist attacks from every Mii except Black-colored Miis Flying, Black The Dark Priestess' pet bat. She trained it in casting dark magic to make her dark magic all that more potent, it often gets distracted casting shadow barriers, meaning you should focus on attacking this beast.


Returning from the original Find Mii, ghosts are incorporeal and are the earliest users of magic.


Highly defended suits of metal armor, they are some of the first monsters encountered that utilize colored shields.

Armored Knights
Name Stats Attacks Tags Almanac
Armored Knight 20 Health, 1 Defense Stab - 1-2 Damage/Polish - Grants an ally an extra point of defense Metal Now wait just a minute, these are just the Armored Ghosts from the original Find Mii, given a new name. What kind of laziness is this? Regardless, it seems that has given the fiend a new coat of armor, one not prone to melting. It is a good conductor though.
Armored Demon 40 Health, 1 Defense Triple Spear - An attack with a chance to do either 1-3 damage/Demon Mist - Summons a dark mist that makes it and its allies immune to magic attacks. Metal No one knows who is under these suits of armor, but I can tell you that this one is cursed, you might want to summon better weather to clear the miasma this metal menace fills in the air.
Crimson Knight 30 Health, 1 Defense Stab - 1-2 Damage/Crimson Shield - Casts a Red Shield on its allies, making them resist attacks from every Mii except Red-colored Miis Metal, Red Look at the big red plume on this knight's helmet, reminds me of a chicken, which is fitting since this guy hides behind a shield like a coward. Must not like getting its armor wet; why not we storm through this guy? Am I right?
Armored Cleric 40 Health, 1 Defense Stab - 1-2 Damage/Healing Stave - Can revive a recently slain monster/Clean Mist - Scatters a white mist to reset the field of any status effects Metal, White It is considered tabu to kill a medic, but I assume that doesn't apply here since this guy is already dead, I think. The one it can't heal, however, is utter darkness.
Armored Master 60 Health, 1 Defense Zap - 3 Damage/Summon - High chance to summon an Armored Knight/Color Change - Changes color from Red, to Blue, to Yellow, taking reduced damage from all other colors unless they match the Armored Priest's current color Metal This colossal clunky metal major watches over the Fairy Lord in the Waterfall Fortress, watch out for their constantly changing colors, you need the right one to do the job.
Guardian Knight 40 Health, 1 Defense Stab - 1-2 Damage/Protector - If an ally gets damaged, this monster gets an attack boost./Healing Stave - Can revive a recently slain monster Metal The Dark Master's elite guard always appears in a pair, you can't just attack both, you have to somehow take them both out at once.
Stubborn Knight 50 Health, 1 Defense Raging Blow - 1 Damage + 1 Damage for every 2 turns that passes/Loaf - May skip a turn to loaf off, if you attack it you will deal increase damage at the cost of receiving increased damage as well, if you don't attack it then it will regain 5 Health Metal, Black A lazy knight with a terrible temper, call that a deadly combo, luckily they aren't known day persons.
Armored Archdemon 200 Health, 2 Defense Wrathful Slash - 1 Damage + 1 Damage for every turn not hit by a physical attack/Level-Down Gas - Summons a gas that reduces the player's level by 1/Roar - Scares away the current player, forcing the next one in line to attack instead/Summon - High chance to summon an Armored Demon or Armored Cleric Metal EGAD the Dark Priestess reforged the Ultimate Ghost into a metallic monster, there is no tip I can give you, just try and outlive this metallic monster.
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