Find Mii III

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Find Mii III
Hal Laboratory
Wave 1
Release Date
December 1st, 2026
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Find Mii III is the first minigame of Switch Online Plaza, being part of Wave 1, released during the game's launch. As the name suggests it is a sequel to Find Mii from the original Streetpass Mii Plaza. The mechanics of the game have been drastically expanded, featuring a new world to explore, updated mechanics, and a more in-depth campaign.


The classic adventure has returned. Save the eight lords from the evil Dark Master and their army of monsters. Summon warriors of many shades of colors to unlock the secrets of this lost land.

The opening begins with seven lords of various genders mingling together for a special luncheon. Among these lords are the king from the original Find Mii, who is the host of the party. The Miis these lords fill are random, though the king will always be the Mii you chosen as your avatar. Suddenly the castle went dark and several cages have trapped each of the eight lords, who are then wisked away by several bats across a forgotten land. The lords call for the aide of several heroes from across the land to save them from their plight.

Find Mii III is similar in gameplay to the other Find Mii games, however several changes have been made to make the game more strategy focused. First instead of simply being scared away if you hit a monster a few times, the monster will now damage the player, a player's health raised by level, with odd numbered levels adding 1 health and even numbered levels adding 2 health, maxing out at 10,. After each level the Mii will be healed for 3 pieces of health, and once all health is lost the Mii can't be used until you get that Mii's Player Coin again. Each Mii can also spend a turn to cast a spell, like Find Mii, each Mii's shirt color gives them a different spell they can use, however now each Mii can cast up to 4 spells from a list, that list gets increased the higher the Mii's level becomes with a new spell unlocked at level 1, 3, 5, and 7. Each Mii has their own list of spells based off the color of their shirt:


Red-shirted Miis wield the power of seering fire, burn away you foes... and certain materials, with this magic.' - Janitor Spike


  • Fire: A strong fireball sets foes alight, deals increased damage to blue enemies and decreased damage to red enemies. In certain rooms using this spell can burn away trees or ice to reveal hidden passages.
  • Ashes: Scatter black ashes to blind opponents, giving them a chance to miss attacks.
  • Rage: Increased the strength of your attacks, but increased the chance of missing.
  • Boom: A self-destructing attack that has the Mii explode themselves to deal massive damage to their foes, at the cost of their own lives.


Blue-shirted Miis crash likes waves against stones, they are good rock polishers.' - Janitor Spike


  • Wave: A strong torrent of water drowns foes, deals increased damage to red enemies and decreased damage to blue enemies. In certain rooms using this spell can clean up stones and dirt.
  • Rainstorm: Summons a rainstorm that makes foes wet, making them weaker to the Thunder spell but resistant against the Fire spell, can also be used to grow plants.
  • Dew: Heals themselves for 2 Health with the help of magical dew.
  • Tidal Wave: A powerful spell that sends a wave to sweep foes away for massive damage, too bad it has a high miss chance, however it is great for uprooting plants.


Cyan-shirted Miis wield frosty ice, chill your foes in a blizzard.' - Janitor Spike


  • Ice: A spell that deals increased damage to non-colored enemies but can't hit red or blue enemies, can also freeze lakes over.
  • Freeze: Freezes foes in a block of ice, every turn they have a 50% chance to not move.
  • Polar Winds: Scatters snow in the air to slowly chill foes to death.
  • Cold Mist: Releases a white mist that turns hazardous fog into a simple rainstorm.


Yellow-shirted Miis wield the destructive power of earth, such raw power can destroy mountains.' - Janitor Spike


  • Quake: A strong earth-based attack, though it can't hit flying foes, can destroy rocks to unlock new passages.
  • Sandstorm: Scatters sand in the air to deal damage over time to your foes.
  • Stone Defense: Can absorb any attacks directed at the user for the current turn, fails the more the user uses this spell.
  • Petrify: A spell with the chance to slay an enemy in one hit, however it almost never works, unless your incorporeal that is.


Green-shirted Miis power up their comrades and zaps foes with electricity.' - Janitor Spike


  • Level-Up: Temporarily increases the user's level by +1, fails if used in succession.
  • Thunder: Green lightning rains from above, it can hit 1-5 times, always hits 5 times against a metal foe.
  • Lighting Rod: Can absorb absorb an energy attack to heal themselves equal to how much the attack would of dealt.
  • Tornado: Summons a tornado, the tornado can either deal massive damage to a single enemy, or be used to launch the user to a high-up place.


Lime-shirted Miis dabble in status effects to dilute the power of foes.' - Janitor Spike


  • Sleep: Sends a foe to sleep, allowing the user to deal an extra hit of damage towards the foe.
  • Confuse: Confuses a monster to make them accidentally attack an ally, doesn't work on non-living enemies.
  • Steal: Can sense if a monster is holding an item, then it will snatch that item for themselves.
  • Numbness: Makes both themselves and the enemies numb, meaning they both take double damage from attacks.


Orange-shirted Miis are lovers, not fighters, they are potent healers.' - Janitor Spike


  • Vigor: Invigorates the user, allowing them to deal more strikes with the sword.
  • Restore: Heals themselves for 3 Health, fails if used in succession.
  • Refresh: Clears status effects in the room, both for the user and enemies.
  • Pacify: Makes monsters not wanting to attack the user due to being for friendly, may even convince certain monsters to assist the player.


Purple-shirted Miis are a toxic bunch, by that I mean they use toxins in battle.' - Janitor Spike


  • Poison: A weak attack that poisons foes, leaving them damaged over time.
  • Poison Mist: Summons a fog that poisons foes over time, it is stronger than most poison effects but it also effects non-Purple Miis.
  • Tar: Creates sticky tar that slows down foes, lowering their accuracy.
  • Antidote: Revives a previously downed player, but at only 1 HP, can only be used once per battle, can heal certain wildlife.


Brown-shirted Miis are summoners, using other monster's attacks against them.' - Janitor Spike


  • Capture: A weak spell that if it defeats a monster, allows that monster to be summoned at will to help the user.
  • Copy: Uses a random spell that is used by one of the monsters you are battling.
  • Rainbow: Uses a random spell used by one of the other colors.
  • Clone: Halves the user's current Health to create a clone, allowing them to attack twice.


Black-shirted Miis are practitioners of the dark arts, they are powered by the moon.' - Janitor Spike


  • Darkness: Summons darkness to lower their foe's accuracy, deals massive damage to white enemies but powers up black enemies.
  • Vampire: An attack that drains the foe's own health to heal the user.
  • Curse: Curses the foe into not performing a random action, also activates strange runes.
  • Fear: Causes a random chance for a monster to flee in fear, however they could also summon another monster instead.


White-shirted Miis use the searing light of the sun in their attacks.' - Janitor Spike


  • Light: Summons a searing light to blind enemies, lowering their accuracy, deals massive damage to black enemies but powers up white enemies.
  • Pray: Prays for assistance, summoning a randomly colored Mii to assist the user.
  • Nova: A large explosion of light that ignore enemy defenses.
  • Solar Beam: A concentrated beam of sunlight that smites a single monster while powering up the user and any solar-powered device near them.

There are many different paths in Find Mii III, with some levels allowing the player to choose a path normally. However a few stages have special set pieces that interact with certain spells, and when those spells are used in battle they open up paths to new areas. Every route contains one of the eight lords, and you need to free seven of them to access the final room in the game and save the eighth and final lord. This means you have to replay the game multiple times in order to discover all the paths. Each level in this game has a series of monsters you need to defeat, and when defeated will be added to an almanac for you to read. If all the Miis in your party get's KO'd, then you lose and have to wait for more Player Coins to play again.

Another mechanic changed from the first two Find Mii games are the shields, rather than just blocking any attack not matching the player's color, shields now simply absorbs over half of the damage dealt, but they still break when hit by a Mii of the matching color, this was balanced since there are enemies that now can cast shields onto their allies, meaning shields will be overall more common.


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