Angry Birds Marvel Heroes

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Angry Birds: Marvel Heroes
Angry Birds
Release Date
May 9th, 2026
Solo Campaign/Online Battles

Angry Birds: Marvel Heroes is an entry in the Angry Birds franchise published by Rovio. It is the 4th entry in the Scrambled Universes which included the Rio and Star Wars crossover games. This game as the name suggests is a crossover between Marvel Comics and Angry Birds with the birds standing in for various heroes and the pigs standing in for the villains (although there were villain birds as well). Also introduced in this game is an online battle mode where birds and pigs battle each other for profit. The game was a massive hit praising the crossover aspect, graphics, and music, but the balance between playable characters proved to be contentious.


Marvel Heroes play similarly to Angry Birds, particularly the Star Wars games. Each level features birds being launched at pigs destroying structures in the process. On the menu, you have a choice between two factions, the Avengerbirds, and H.O.G., with each side representing the playable hero and villain characters respectively consisting of several birds and pigs. There are four types of stages each represented by a symbol:

  • Circles represent traditional Angry Birds stages, defeat all the enemies to win.
  • Stars represent stages that have multiple smaller stages inside of them, similar to Angry Birds 2, by collecting points in these stages you can collect cards representing selectable characters that you need to use to beat the stage without running out of cards.
  • Skulls represent boss stages, deplete the health bar of the boss to win
  • Xs represent minigames, special stages where the level is changed to accommodate a special win condition aside from defeating enemies.

By completing Marvel Coins which can be used to buy power-ups from the shop as well as extra characters to use in other stages. You can also spend Marvel Coins to create a league that can be either aligned as heroic or villainous. Leagues are made up of real-world players and are paired up with an oppositely aligned league to battle them over another currency called Infinity Coins, these coins can be used to buy extremely difficult levels from the Infinity Realms (see levels).

Playable Characters

See: Angry Birds Marvel Heroes/Characters

Each side consists of several sub-factions consisting of several birds and pigs, while one side does focus on one species over the other that doesn't mean both species are segregated to either side, meaning there can be villainous birds and heroic hogs.