Angry Birds: Marvel Heroes/Characters

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Hero Actor Class Ability
Iron-Bird Red Flyer When using his action, Iron Bird will fly upwards shooting flames that instantly destroy any woodblocks.
Captain Americaw Chuck Force When using his action, Captain Americaw will dash forward and use his shield to push blocks away.
Thor Bomb Shock When using his action, Thor will explode shooting out lightning bolts that push objects away and breaks metal objects.
The Incredible Terance Terance Force Terence doesn't need an ability.
Black Swallow Stella Grapple When using her action, Black Swallow will shoot a wire that pulls out a block from a structure and possibly take it down.
Spider-Bird The Blues Grapple When using his action, Spider-Bird will grapple on the targeted area and swing to new places.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Hero Actor Class Ability
Star-ling Red Blaster When using his action, Star-ling shoots laser beams above and below him diagonally
Gamoraven Stella Slash When using her action, Gamoraven will shoot a dagger that will boomerange back at her, this hit though surfaces.
Drog Pig Force When using his action, Drog will do a shoulder dash in the direction targeted.
Rocket Racoo Hal Flyer When using his action, Rocket Racoo will rocket toward the targeted area
Grootog Sr. Pig Plant All blocks touched by Grootog Sr. will turn into wood.
Grootog Jr. Pig Plant When using his action, Grootog Jr. will explode and turn all surrounding blocks into wood.