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Full Name
Alberto Pietro "Mario" (Real Last Name unknown)
likely somewhere in his very young adult years depending on how you interpret his secret journal
Eye color
Blue (Brown without lenses)
favorite color
claims it's orange but really pink
Hair color
Brown (Unknown if natural)
favorite show
The amazing adventures of Super Mario (Parody of the real-world Super Mario Bros Super Show)
favorite movie
Mario the New Movie (Parody of the 2023 animated Mario Movie)
Least Favorite movie
"The Bad Mario Movie" (Parody of 1993 Mario Movie)

Alberto Pietro "Mario" is the REAL 5th Mario bro in his words but is actually a fan pretending to be the 5th Mario Bro, he is at first unaware of Nario (the actual 5th Mario Bro from secret of the 5th Mario Bro) and hates him at first but they become friendly rivals after a while, he will do anything to help "His Brothers" including nearly get himself killed and open a series of shops around the city, although Super Mario Secret of the 5th Mario Bro is debatable to if it is part of Ultimatevaltryek123's main Mario fanon universe or is another AU entirely Alberto continues to appear in his other games as a character.


  • Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi - him and the Mario bros have no real relation at first but become friends later on.
  • Jumpman - Alberto tends to avoid Jumpman as much as possible as he could easily reveal the fact that they are not related at all but will talk to him sometimes


  • His middle name is a reference to a similar character from the Super Mario Bros Super Show