Pokémon Salt and Pokémon Sugar

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Pokemon Salt and Pokemon Sugar

Pokémon Salt and Pokémon Sugar
T for Cartoon Violence
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch game cartridge, Digital
PixelThistle Games Ltd.

Pokémon Salt and Pokémon Sugar are a pair of upcoming turn-based JRPGs published by PixelThistle Games Ltd.

Pixoror Region

The Pixoror Region, being based on no country/state in particular, is a large collection of islands in the ocean.

New and Returning Gameplay Mechanics

Pixian Forms

In this generation, there are regional variants of past games. Pixian Forms function exactly as other regional forms from previous games do.


Unlike most Pokémon Games, Pokémon Salt and Sugar have events that can take place ONLY during the following:

1] During Promotions

2] During Certain Times Of The Year

and 3] During Nintendo Events

Halloween Event

The Halloween Event for Pokémon Salt and Sugar takes place from Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st. The event allows the Player to travel from any port to a new location called the Hallowed Isle. The location is only able to be traveled to during the event, unless if you have the Hallowed Token, which allows you to access the area at any time of the year. The area is shaped like a skull, and has many forests and one town. The area also has exclusive Pokémon and Boss Fights, as well as its own Pokedex. Said Boss Fights pay homage to well-known Pokémon Creepypastas, those being Buried Alive/The Buryman Script, Hypno's Lullaby, and Pokémon: Lost Silver. Each Creepypasta has its own dedicated area, and a bossfight to go along with it.

Buried Alive lies at the top of the Pokémon Tower in Spookton Town

Gold lies in his graveyard, which is located between Hallowed Path and Mt. Silver.

Red lies at the top of Mt. Silver.

Silver lies at the shore of Skull-Eye Pond, next to a sleeping Feraligatr.

A Hypno lies in Hypno's Forest. Said Hypno is uncatchable, and knows Hypnosis, Lullaby, and Tackle.

Christmas Event

The Christmas Event for Pokémon Salt and Sugar takes place from Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st. The event spawns in exclusive, christmas-themed pokemon and covers the entire region in snow.


Image Name Dex Number Typing Entry Evolution
??? #0000 Normal Placeholder None


Image Name Dex Number Typing Entry Evolution
??? #0000 Normal Placeholder None