The Darknescapades

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The Darknescapades is a 2023 Fan project by Papernoggin43. The game follows Miles and his various companions, accompanied by the ‘Helpful’ guide simply known as The Light, Trying to stop The Darkness from taking over. But things aren’t as they seem, and this adventure will be a Big one for sure.


The game opens with Miles, the protagonist, Facing a head to head battle with the Darkness. However, he loses, having no weapons, and is flung to the Land of Allthewayoverinthedistance(yes, that’s a long name, shortened to LandIntheDistance most of the time in-game.), which is actually just a giant human house. This is where Miles meets The Light, a nice little fella who enters a cave with a slime kid. Next, Miles hears a cry for help from the top of the cupboard, it’s Alex, who tried to get the tin down but was stuck. This serves as the platforming tutorial, teaching the player to wall climb, jump,etc…