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Infobox silpha species

This is an infobox about Silphaverse's enemies.

Highlighted parameters are mandatory.

Parameter Description Default value
customname If the name of the enemy is different from the title of the page {{PAGENAME}}
image Image for the infobox (needs to include the extension (.png, .jpg, etc.))
size The image size (e.g: 150px)
caption Image caption. Mandatory if image is included
sapience How sentient the creature is, non-sapient means it acts on instinct, and fully sapient means it is capable of thought and reasoning Non-sapient
diet The diet of the species (carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous...)
ratio The species' gender ratio of males and females Genderless
maturity The age when the average member of this species reaches full maturity
lifespan How long does an individual member of the species live on average
languages What languages does this species speak, if at all
status If the species is extinct, use this parameter
alias Popular nicknames this species is often called
origin Where does the species originate from
record At roughly what year was the species first recorded
extinction At roughly what year did this species became extinct, if at all
relatives Does the species have any close relatives


{{infobox silpha species