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Game infobox


A slightly simpler invocation of Module:Infobox used for main pages on games. All parameters are optional.

{{Game infobox
|color=color of header background/border, defaults to white
|text-color=text color, defaults to black
|title=title of the infobox, defaults to page name
|mode=Split or wide based on the infobox module, defaults to split
|image=image to put at the top
|caption=caption for the image
|developer=company that developed the game
|publisher=company that published the game
|release=release date of the game
|end=end of the game's service, if no longer playable
|languages=languages the game is playable in
|genre=gameplay genre of the game
|platforms=platforms that the game released on
|age-rating=age rating of the game
|game-modes=playing modes offered by the game
|media=medium used by the system the game is on
|cabinet=cabinet type (use for arcade games only)
|arcade-system=system board (use for arcade games only)
|monitor=monitor specifications (use for arcade games only)
|input=controllers the title supports
|extra-1-title=title for any extra content
|extra-1-content=extra content
|extra-2-title=title for any more extra content
|extra-2-content=more extra content
|previous=previous game in the series
|next=next game in the series


{{Game infobox