Mangosteeny Smiles

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Mangosteeny Smiles
UPN (2003-2006, 2023-present)
January 6th, 2003 (Original)
July 27th, 2020 (Revival)
August 31st, 2009 (Original)
Viacom (original) (2003-2006)
CBS Corporation (2006-2019)
Paramount Global (2019-present)
Weekday Afternoon/Weekend Morning cartoon block
Running Time
Three hours
Original languages

Magosteeny Smiles is a daily children's programming block owned by The Mangosteeny Inc (Paramount Global). The programming block initially launched on January 6, 2003 on UPN stations and again on September 30, 2023 on the same network. As of 2023, Mangosteeny Smiles is the only non-E/I programming block on broadcast television aimed at children since KidsClick's discontinuation on March 31, 2019.


On February 1, 2002, The Mangosteeny Inc., following cable success with their popular Mangosteeny Channel noticed a market that the company hasn't targeted yet - the OTA market. Throughout 2002, the company was looking for a network to license their programming to. ABC and Fox both rejected the license to the already existing ABC Kids and (soon to launch) FoxBox, CBS declined for similar reasons, while The WB declined the license out of fear that the block lacked E/I programming in addition to the existing Kids' WB! programming block. This left two networks - NBC and UPN with the former having their teen-focused block TNBC (in addition to their merger with Universal in 2004).

Afterwards on May 3, 2002, The Mangosteeny Inc. announced that they are to develop and distribute Mangosteeny Smiles to UPN stations across the United States and unlike previous commercial programming blocks, Mangosteeny Smiles was confirmed to air on all days of the week, including Sunday.