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12 September 2023

  • 05:4505:45, 12 September 2023 diff hist −86 The Legend of Zelda:OblivionNo edit summary current
  • 05:4405:44, 12 September 2023 diff hist +354 N Template:BotWEUCreated page with "{{box|<big>'''Beyond the wilds...'''</big><br/>This article or section presents information pertaining to PikFan23's ''Breath of the Wild Expanded Universe.|100%|border: 2px solid #ccc; background: #c42b1d; color: #fff}}<noinclude>Category:Media banner templates</noinclude><includeonly>Category:Breath of the Wild Expanded Universe</includeonly>" current
  • 05:2705:27, 12 September 2023 diff hist +5,684 N The Legend of Zelda:OblivionCreated page with "::''This currently is a standalone idea by PikFan23 based off the world of Breath of the Wild.'' '''Oblivion''' are melted masses of organic material and flesh that has been corrupted by and infused with Malice. The term Oblivion also refers to creatures made of this horrific substance. ==Origin== Originally, Malice could only interact with organic matter in three significant ways: first it could absorb the Force of any lifeforms it touched, which would kill said lifef..."
  • 05:0605:06, 12 September 2023 diff hist +202 N User:PikFan23Created page with "Hey y'all, I'm PikFan23, but you can also call me Jake. I'm one of the admins over at Pikmin Fanon. I've got a few ideas for Zelda fan content that I'm excited to post here soon, so stay tuned for that!"

2 December 2014