Rikitekatoku Takatojikichi Shikarinkaterikato Aridozukikatochimo

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Name: Rikitekatoku Takatojikichi.

Sex: Male.

Age: 24 years,Born 5th of Hod.

Appearance: He has white skin, brown eyes, and short, wavy, black hair.

Personality: Tough and competitive.

Religion: Atios

Country: Thasa

Personal Status

Social Class: Middle class.

Traits: Loyal,Hardworking,Saditic,and Greedy

Physical/Health: Has no notable issues.

Quirks: Laughs at everything, and fights a lot.

Likes: Eating, and sleeping.

Dislikes: Being Smelly .

Afraid of: Being stared at


Colours: Likes blue.

Music: Likes classic music.

Animal: Horse