Pokémon Salt and Pokémon Sugar

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Pokémon Salt and Pokémon Sugar
T for Cartoon Violence
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch game cartridge, Digital
PixelThistle Games Ltd.

Pokémon Salt and Pokémon Sugar are a pair of upcoming turn-based JRPGs published by PixelThistle Games Ltd.

Pixoror Region

The Pixoror Region, being based on no country/state in particular, is a large collection of islands in the ocean.

New and Returning Gameplay Mechanics

Pixian Forms

In this generation, there are regional variants of Pokémon from past games. Pixian Forms function exactly as other regional forms from previous games do.


Unlike most Pokémon Games, Pokémon Salt and Sugar have events that can take place ONLY during the following:

1] During Promotions

2] During Certain Times Of The Year

and 3] During Nintendo/PT Games Events

Halloween Event

The Halloween Event for Pokémon Salt and Sugar takes place from Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st. The event allows the Player to travel from any port to a new location called the Hallowed Isle. The location is only able to be traveled to during the event, unless if you have the Hallowed Token, which allows you to access the area at any time of the year. The area is shaped like a skull, and has many forests and one town. The area also has exclusive Pokémon and Boss Fights, as well as its own Pokédex. Said Boss Fights pay homage to well-known Pokémon Creepypastas, those being Buried Alive/The Buryman Script, Hypno's Lullaby, and Pokémon: Lost Silver. Each Creepypasta has its own dedicated area, and a bossfight to go along with it.

Buried Alive lies at the top of the Pokémon Tower in Spookton Town

Gold lies in his graveyard, which is located between Hallowed Path and Mt. Silver.

Red lies at the top of Mt. Silver.

Silver lies at the shore of Skull-Eye Pond, next to a sleeping Feraligatr.

A Hypno lies in Hypno's Forest. Said Hypno is uncatchable, and knows Hypnosis, Lullaby, and Tackle.

Christmas Event

The Christmas Event for Pokémon Salt and Sugar takes place from Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st. The event spawns in exclusive, christmas-themed items and covers the entire region in snow.


Image Name Dex Number Typing Entry Evolution
Planterra #0001 Grass Placeholder Evolves into Poternal at Level 25
Poternal #0002 Grass Placeholder Evolves into Flowrant at Level 50, Evolves from Planterra
Flowrant #0003 Grass/Ground Placeholder Evolves from Poternal
Dropelott #0004 Water Placeholder Evolves into Watore at Level 25
Watore #0005 Water Placeholder Evolves into Felydro at Level 50, Evolves from Dropelott
Felydro #0006 Water Placeholder Evolve from Watore
Pixian Voltorb #0007 Fire/Ground Placeholder Evolves into Flaborb at Level 25
Flaborb #0008 Fire Placeholder Evolves into Wildgorbire at Level 50, Evolves from Pixian Voltorb
Wildgorbire #0009 Fire Placeholder Evolves from Flaborb
Nattus #0010 Normal Placeholder None
Disquiet #0011 Ghost Placeholder Evolves into Muskirit at Level 55
Muskirit #0012 Ghost Placeholder Evolves from Disquiet
Confusabit #0013 Normal Placeholder None
Boxxin #0014 Normal Boxxin are small, armless creatures that inhabit cardboard boxes. They are never seen without one on their head. Evolves into Boxxr at Level 35
Boxxr #0015 Normal/Fighting After evolving, Boxxr uses its once shell of a form as a torso, with two other boxes used as boxing gloves. Evolves from Boxxin
Pixian Weedle #0016 Grass Weedle dig deep into the ground, and settle there for months on end, as they do this, flowers slowly row and root into their skull, and eventually, as they level up, into their brain. Evolves into Weedent at Level 55
Weedent #0017 Grass/Ghost Weedent are the result of the plants in Weedle's head fully taking root, said roots pour out of it's once eye sockets, and its lower torso is ripped open so this sentient weed can walk, using the husk of a Weedle as its host. Evolves from Pixian Weedle
Sashel #0018 Ghost Shashel appear as typical sheet ghosts, no more, no less. They often appear deep in forested areas at night, and do their best to scare people, but usually fail. Evolves into Pixian Haunter at Level 25
Pixian Haunter #0019 Ghost Haunter are the evolved form of Shashel, and naturally, are much better at scaring with their new appearance. They hide away in the streets at night, hoping to scare passersby. Evolves into Beezrit at Level 50, Evolves from Sashel
Beezrit #0020 Ghost Beezrit hunt in packs, which are called scares, throughout the region at night. They do much more than scare, and have taken the lives of many people in the region. It is advised to keep all doors and windows locked at night to avoid an encounter with these beasts. Evolves from Pixian Haunter
Thouse #0021 Dark These Pokémon have fur that resemble neat suits often worn by sleazy businessmen. They carve wooden clubs from thick tree branches, and are born with a strange mark on their left eye. Evolves into Mafodent at Level 45
Mafodent #0022 Dark Mafodent are found in clans of Thouse, usually being the kingpin. They lead operations to steal and pillage from small towns and villages, however will do anything to protect their clan. Evolves from Thouse
Pixian Lampent #0023 Ghost/Steel Lampent hang out on streets at night, posing as ordinary street lights, but upon coming within a 3 feet proximity with them, they will slowly suck the soul from the person's body. Evolves into Lalure at Level 80, Evolves from Litwick at Level 40
Lalure #0024 Ghost/Steel Lalure use their ghostly powers to make the illusion of a street path with other Lalure on the side. They keep this going, until their victim is lost in the forest, at which point they will slowly remove the soul from their body. Evolves from Pixian Lampent
Pixian Trubbish #0025 Normal Trubbish use their trashbag-shaped stomach sac to store trash, and are usually spotted on busy streets picking up the trash others throw out of their car windows, or generally just cleaning up after humans. They are considered to be very good for the environment, and poaching them is illegal. Evolves into Recykl at Level 65
Recykl #0026 Normal/Steel Recykl use the singular wheel on the bottom of their body to roll around and collect trash or litter it sees on the ground. It has a big sac under its mouth that can store up to 3 pounds of trash. They are considered to be very good for the environment, and poaching them is illegal. Evolves from Pixian Trubbish
Vasoul #0027 Ghost Vasoul inhabit small, clay vases, always found in their tombs. They wander the forests of the region searching for people to lead to their tomb, so they can join them in the afterlife. Evolves into Specturn at Level 75
Specturn #0028 Ghost Specturn use a vase as their host, and hunt through the forests for small, naive children to lead to their tomb, so they can join them in the afterlife. Evolves from Vasoul
Choicat #0029 Normal Choicat are very rare Pokémon. You are lucky to encounter one, much more to catch one. They only obey the trainers that they find worthy. Evolves into Peacitty when given the Light Robe, Evolves into Eviline when given the Dark Robe
Peacitty #0030 Fairy Peacitty are very peaceful Pokémon, usually found in cherry forests over the region. Evolves from Choicat
Eviline #0031 Dark Eviline are very malicious Pokémon, taking advantage of the night to rob buildings of their goods, and they even steal from young trainers. Evolves from Choicat
Cactrab #0032 Grass Placeholder None
Peacipod #0033 Grass Placeholder None
Cabelent #0034 Electric Placeholder None
Beament #0035 Steel Placeholder None
Bitner #0036 Electric/Ghost Placeholder Evolves into Pixivision at Level 25
Pixivision #0037 Electric/Ghost Placeholder Evolves into Monitaur at Level 50, Evolves from Bitner
Monitaur #0038 Electric/Ghost Placeholder Evolves from Pixivision
Mrouze #0034 Electric/Normal A strange creature, it is shaped like a Computer Mouse, with a single red eye, and a long, black tail with a cable-shape to it. None
Pixian Bramblin #0035 Grass/Ghost These Pokémon are shaped like lush bushes, with a green coat of fur to go with it, possessing two dark, hollow eyes with pink pupils. Evolves into Brushuro at Level 45
Brushuro #0036 Grass/Ghost A creature shaped like a large, lush brush of forest life. Usually measuring around 12 ft long, these Pokémon are considerable large length-wise. Evolves from Pixian Bramblin at Level 45
Drifloat #0037 Ghost/Flying Placeholder Evolves from Driftblim at Level 56


Image Name Dex Number Typing Entry Evolution
White Hand #0001 Ghost These strange, floating gloved hands slowly decay as they live. Once defeated, they shall never return. None
Pumpup #0002 Ghost/Grass A sweet, kind, and friendly species of Pokémon, they are commonly kept as pets amongst those who live on this island. None