Pokémon Celestial and Infernal Versions

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Pokémon Celestial Version and Pokémon Infernal Version
T for Crude Humor and Cartoon Violence
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch game cartridge, Digital
Wraith Ltd.

Pokémon Celestial and Pokémon Infernal are a pair of upcoming turn-based JRPGs published by Wraith Ltd. The games are a darker take on the Pokémon franchise, notably featuring influences from Judeo-Christian, Norse, and Greek mythology. The games feature two dimensional realms, the Celestial Aether and the Infernal Nether inhabited by Celestial Pokémon and Infernal Pokémon which are at war with each other. In Celestial Version, the player takes the side of the Celestials. Whereas in Infernal Version, the player is on the side of the Infernals. Instead of the traditional gym challenge, the player takes on the Guardian Spirits inhabiting the Lellyl Region. There are nine Guardian Spirits, each of which focuses on two different types of Pokémon. A villainous team, Team Hubris, aims to dethrone the Legendary Celestial and Infernal Pokémon, and rule over their respective realms. Once the nine Guardian Spirits are defeated, and Team Hubris collapses, the player encounters the Legendary Celestial or Infernal Pokémon, depending on which version is being played, and has a chance to capture them. Then, the Pokémon-Human hybrid Demiurcana and the Four Horsemen invade the corresponding realm, and the player must stop them.

New Mechanics

Lellyl Region

A beta map of the Lellyl Region.

The Lellyl Region, being based off of Europe, boasts eleven different provinces. Each province is based on a nation or region of Europe. Only four provinces will be playable in-game at launch, with others to be added as DLC. Only Jhano, Violioh, Rene, and Wuthanos are accessible.

To the northwest is the Naralian province, a group of islands based on the United Kingdom and Iceland. It features 16 towns, most of which are to the south. The player starts in Badian Town, just north of the capital.

To the immediate south of Naralia is Parto, a province based on France and surrounding countries. It has 19 towns.

To the southwest of Parto is Casia, a province based on Spain, Portugal, and Monaco. It has 18 towns.

To the east of Casia is Violioh, a province based on Italy. It has 23 towns.

To the north of Violioh is Rene, a province based on Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It notably is open; it has little to no roads and mostly covered by the Grey Forest. It has 14 towns.

To the southeast of Rene is Gatalon. It is based on Eastern Europe and has 6 towns.

To the south of Gatalon is Jhano, which is based off of Greece. It has eleven towns.

To the north east of Gatalon is Kaelu, being based off of Ukraine. It has five towns.

To the north of Kaelu is Patar, being based off of Poland and Belarus. It has twelve towns.

To the north of Kaelu is Wuthanos, being based off of Scandinavia. It has five towns.

To the east of Wuthanos is Dhrelm, which is based on Russia. It has sixteen towns.

New and Returning Gameplay Mechanics

Holy and Demonic Types

Two new types are introduced in this generation, the Holy and Demonic types. Holy and Demonic are very strong types, with Holy being supereffective against Normal, Poison, Ghost, Dark, and Demonic. Demonic is supereffective against Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Fairy, and Holy. Defensively they are less powerful, with Electric, Dark, Fairy, and Demonic being supereffective against Holy. Fire and Holy are not very effective against Holy, and it is immune to Normal, just like Demonic. Water, Ice, Dragon, and Holy are supereffective against Demonic, whereas Demonic resists Fire, Psychic, and Demonic. Demonic is immune to Normal and Dark.

The new type chart.

Lellylian Forms

In this generation, there are regional variants of past games. Lellylian Forms differ from the previous regional variants in that they differ depending on the province the Pokémon is found. So technically there are Deyoian Forms, Vvardan Forms, and Wuthanian Forms. Not all Pokémon have all three different forms, and some only have one.

Mythic Forms

Past generation's Legendary Pokémon now have Mythic Forms, based on mythology, and with different typing. At least one Legendary Pokémon from each generation is present.

Triple Battles

Triple battles make a return in Celestial and Infernal. They operate the same as in the past, and are featured prominently in the game.

The Skyland & The Underworld

The Skyland and The Underworld make their respective appearances in Pokémon Celestial and Infernal. Players can venture into randomly generated dungeons and collect resources, treasure, and fight and capture Feral Pokémon. Feral Pokémon have increased stats at the disadvantage of only knowing three moves at maximum. Players can Tame the Feral Pokémon to increase their available move slots to three and decrease their stats to just above normal. Additionally, Feral Pokémon have a unique ability not found anywhere else.