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This article or section contains information that relates to the Wraith Omniverse, a fictional universe based on Pikmin. It is based on the original Buildup Trilogy, made in the late 2000s by Zoadra, Portal-Kombat, and Sir Pikmin.
Spirit Star
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Spirit Star is an upcoming video game set in the Wraith Omniverse. It's slated release date is Q2 2025. The game is considered a spinoff of Pikmin: Echoes of Eternity. The game features two main characters, connected via a curse, 50 years apart from each other. The game takes place in the Higher Multiverse, a near-infinite realm of planes of existence. The two protagonists are two Xenans named Jadriak and Lalazar. Jadriak is in present day, while Lalazar is 50 years in the past. Things Lalazar does affects the world Jadriak encounters. The game is considered the beginning of it's own franchise, the content only featuring Pikmin as easter eggs or references. The biggest reference is the fact that the main characters are in the same family line as Ultikai Voidstar, a figure encountered in Echoes of Eternity.



Kort Village, Age of Wisdom

Jadriak Xxezas Voidstar was the village idiot. He stumbled about, clumsily ambling around. Ever since he was a little boy, he was a klutz. It made him sad and angry that he couldn't do anything right. He felt cursed. On the eve of his 32nd birthday, Jadriak took a walk. He went to the cliffs just outside his village, and found a headstone. It was a statue of a Wraith, with a vial in its hand. Jadriak tried to remove the vial, but it was no good. He decided to return home to find a sledgehammer. He returned to the statue and hammered off it's arm, taking the vial. It was filled with purplish ichor, and Jadriak was intrigued. He returned to the village with the hand-clutched vial in his robe. He then went to the librarian's house to look up the statue. After much searching and sifting through ancient tomes, he found the entry on the statue. He read that it was the guardian of the village, and the purple ichor in the vial was it's essence. Whomever drank from the vial would be imbued with wondrous power. Jadriak was floored, and immediately drank from the vial. He grimaced as his back muscles reformed into a toned state, and the rest of his muscles followed suit. His voice deepened and he grew a foot. He was now the guardian of the village!

"Boy, did you do what I think you did?", the librarian asked.

"Depends, what do you think I did?"

"I think you just destroyed the protection seal the village was safely behind. That statue wasn't just a gravesite of the old village guardian, it WAS the village guardian.", said the librarian.

Jadriak winced. He knew he messed up. "But wait, doesn't that mean that I am the new village guardian?"

"Yes, boy, you went and transferred the role to yourself. You, the clumsy little boy, are now the only thing keeping the evil spirits and demons out."

Jadriak gulped. He wanted so badly to become someone of importance, someone of distinction, that he didn't stop to think about the consequences of his actions. But he was prepared to learn. He wanted to be the best village guardian in it's history. He knew where to go next. The magickian's house.

The magickian's house was very old, with intricate patterns and designs covering every inch of the house. Jadriak recognized a few of the symbols as Aelochian and Zansarii, but didn't know their purpose. He entered the foyer and found that the magickian was meditating on a pillar in the middle of the room.

"Excuse me, Darian? I need your help!", Jadriak said firmly.

"...In good time, sir. Why... I need rest... Go, sir, follow the trail of your mind. When you meditate, you will feel a 'tug'. It will tell you where to go, and you will use your Godhead-given intuition to find it."

"But wait, I don't even-" A flash of light lit up the room, and after it faded, Jadriak noticed the Magickian was gone! Jadriak gulped, and decided that it was best to sit on the pillar and meditate. He sat up, his back straightened, just like the old master had taught him in his youth. He cleared his mind, waited, and listened, and then felt an immense tugging feeling, and got up. He knew where to go, instinctually. He left the building and decided to gear up, as his instincts told him to enter the Vakon Woods, which was dangerous territory. It was just outside the village, with a gate blocking the way. He knew his destination better than anything he'd learned in his life. It was like he always knew. It would be there that he would find it.

Into the Woods

After gearing up, Jadriak entered the woods. It had a short fence blocking the path with a sign that read "turn back". But Jadriak kept walking. He fought his way through the forest to find the Shrine of the Blue Spirit Star, an ancient shrine with four hexagonal pillars and an altar in the middle. The altar contained a deck of 13 cards. All of the cards were blank, except the first one, which had a golem wraith depicted on it. It read "Magana", and had some foreign symbols on the side of the card. The Magickian teleported into the area and began to speak.

"That is the Astral Deck, and that's necessary if you want to perform Transalchemetry. This is the ancient art of using Magick to convert ingredients into Astral Cards. And once you have used Transalchemetry the cards will allow you to summon familiars. Transalchemetry is one of the Three Occult Arts forgotten to time. I am the Keeper of Transalchemetry. It's my job to find suitable Transalchemetrists. The last Guardian of Kort Village did it, mastering the Three Occult Arts and saving the Village.", said the Magickian.

"Is the village in danger?"

"Yes... You awakened evil forces that were in slumber. A slumber of 50 years. Our Village is actually the seat of spiritual power in the whole region. When the Village Guardian turned to stone 50 years ago, he sealed away Krowley, the dark spirit of pride and rage. But now, you broke the seal, and Krowley has been released to the world. Jadriak - you must find the Labyrinthia and put and end to Krowley. In the last 40 years of my research I have found a way to seal away Krowley for good - not the usual method of turning yourself into stone and capturing the Guardian Essence in a vial - this is a much more ancient way of sealing him away. In Labyrinthia you will find the Labyrinthia Gate. The only way to open the Gate is to utilize all Three Occult Arts. It will take you to a twisted land. There you can summon him and defeat him, trapping him in that dark void forever!"

Jadriak was floored. This was his time to shine. Make a difference. And he could gain power along the way! The new Guardian of Kort - powered by the Three Occult Arts! "I'm in!", he said with confidence and a bit of hubris.

Characters and stats

In Spirit Star, the player controls the main character Jadriak. However, this isn't the only character the player controls. As Jadriak ventures through the game, new Conjuforms are found. These are transformations that the main character learns at certain points in the game. Each Conjuform has it's own unique stats, powers, and weaknesses.


Conjuform Primary stat, secondary stat Class Description
None Physical atk/def, Constitution Villager In Jadriak's base form, he uses his equipped weapons to attack, and has poor special defense.
Magana Special atk/def, Arcanu Golem Magana is a Golem Wraith from the Garanos plane. She wields a plasma torch and has exceptional special attack.
Zenith Special atk/physical def, Agility Nnijd Zenith is a Nnijd Wraith from the Sakar Prime plane. He uses Aelochian Magick to destroy his opponents with elemental fury.


The stat system works on primary and secondary stats.

Primary stats:

  • Physical Attack - Basis for damage dealt with physical attacks
  • Physical Defense - Basis for cutting damage taken by physical attacks.
  • Special Attack - Basis for damage dealt with special attacks
  • Special Defense - Basis for cutting damage taken by special attacks.

Secondary stats:

  • Constitution - Influences resistances, low values means more damage taken
  • Agility - Influences turn meter, high values mean more turns given per round
  • Arcanu - Influences spell effectiveness, values determine strength of attacking spells, duration of status effect spells, etc


Jadriak has four resources in combat:

  • HP - Hit Points, Jadriak's health
  • FP - Focus Points, Jadriak's stamina
  • MP - Magi Points, Jadriak's Magick
  • DP - Destiny Points, Jadriak's special power


In Spirit Star, Jadriak must choose to align with one of three factions. The choices are the Demonic Dominion, the Holy Covenant, or the Tribe of Magi.

Demonic Dominion

If Jadriak chooses to align with the demons, he is put through an initiation process. He must consume the blood of a demon, and become a damon. He then has to continually drink more demon blood to replenish his bloodlust. The more full of demon blood he is, the more powerful he becomes in combat. As a Damon, Jadriak can summon two demon followers.

Holy Covenant

If Jadriak chooses to align with the Wraiths, he is put through an initiation process. He is to undergo the aether ritual in order to become a Demi-Wraith. He needs to consume aether essence to heal. The more essence he has, the more he can heal himself and others. As a Demi-Wraith, Jadriak can summon two Wraith followers.

Tribe of Magi

If Jadriak chooses to align with the Magi, he takes the brand of the magickian, and is able to perform occult arts. He slowly unlocks the Three Occult Arts.

Three Occult Arts


The player can learn Conjuforms by solving the Invocation Puzzle found in that specific Conjuform's Grimoire.


The player starts with a mannequin and builds familiars using crafting reagents and spells, eventually distilling them down into an Astral Card. The Transalchemetry system is complex and experimentation is encouraged. Up to two familiars can be used at a time. Mana Crystals are required to keep familiars alive, and can be crafted, found, or bought.

For example:

Molten Geoform
Ingredient/Spell Type Stat/Nature Effect
Rough Mannequin Mannequin All Sets the base stats of the familiar.
Aquamarine Quartz Gem Constitution Invokes the form of a geoform.
Ghlee Lily Herb Special def Invokes the temperament of passivity.
Flamestar (Low) Spell None Invokes the element of fire with low intensity.
Lucky Orb Artifact None Imbues high critical hit chance, weak auto healing.


The player creates their own spells by fusing the essences of a Conjuform and a Familiar with other reagents. These are spells that can usually only be used in base form. Creating the Familiar Essence consumes the Familiar, but Conjuforms are permanent.


In Spirit Star, loot is semi-randomized, similarly to Diablo or Borderlands. The four classifications are as follows: Ordinary, Odd, Extraordinary, Mythic.



In Spirit Star, caves are procedurally generated dungeons that have semi-randomized content. The floor plans are designed in modular chunks, with either 2 or 3 bosses within.


In Spirit Star, realms are designed dungeons with no randomized content. These realms are more sparse and serve as major points in the game.