Wendy Wu Strikes Back

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Wendy Wu Strikes Back
Directed by
Written by
Based on
Characters by John Laing
Produced by
Janine Dickins
Brenda Song
Shin Koyamada
Ellen Woglom
Hadley Hudson
Tsai Chin
Jack Black
Justin Chon
Michael David Cheng
Susan Chuang
Andy Fischer-Price
Andy Daly
Heather Locklear
Mark Lonsdale
Music by
Jeff Vincent
Production companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Rubicon Films, LTD.
Regan/Jon Productions
Distributed by
Release date
October 31st, 2008
Running time
100 minutes
111 minutes (DVD Special Edition)
United States
$230 million[1]
Box office
$420.8 million[1]

Wendy Wu Strikes Back is a 2008 American martial arts film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The second installment in the Wendy Wu franchise, this sequel to Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior continues the misadventures of Wendy Wu (Brenda Song) and Shen (Shin Koyamada). The film also sees Ellen Woglom, Andy Fischer-Price, and Hadley Hudson reprising their roles as Jessica Dawson, Austin Patrick, and Yan-Lo, respectively. The cast from the first film is joined by new cast members Andy Daly, Jack Black, and Heather Locklear. It was directed by John Laing, with a screenplay written by Vince Cheung and Ben Montanio.

The film begins with Wendy Wu fighting her dog Cupcake, who was possessed by Yan-Lo. After finally forcing Yan-Lo out of the dog's body, Wendy and Shen decide to watch Edpool on TV, only for the show to end up being cancelled in favor of a news report telling of the arrival of the Jessica Dawson Replica, created and hired by Yan-Lo to capture the Yin Warrior herself. After Edpool was captured, problems ensue, leading the Jessica Dawson Replica teaming up with Wendy and Shen, and their resolution occupies much of the remainder of the film.

Wendy Wu Strikes Back was released on October 31, 2008, and grossed $420.8 million on a $230 million budget.



In October 2007, Walt Disney Pictures has announced that production for a sequel to Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior has begun.[2] It was hinted in the DVD's alternate ending when Wendy Wu and Shen got to her home after getting cappuccinos, the grandma and them were talking and Wendy stopped and talked to her dog and said that "after all the evil she fought today, it is so good to see something as sweet and innocent as the dog". Then, after she leaves, Yan-Lo possesses the dog once again. Filming began shooting in New Zealand in February 19, 2008.[3] Entitled Wendy Wu Strikes Back, a deal was ultimately made that Walt Disney Pictures would make this film the second theatrical sequel to a Disney Channel Original Movie. The first time was High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which was a sequel to High School Musical 2, first aired in 2007 on Disney Channel.


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