The Legend Of Sun Yee

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The Legend Of Sun Yee
The Legend Of Sun Yee
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The Legend Of Sun Yee is a animated movie by Pixar. It is a prequel to the movie Turning Red.


In the age of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, there lives beautiful village with a young woman named Sun Yee. However, Sun Yee finds herself in her village being threatened by a powerful unstoppable force. Her husband and her other men flee, so Sun Yee, a brave scolar and poet with great sence of heroeic power, she prays to the gods under a red moon, gifting her the powers of shape shifting into a giant hulking red panda. With her new granted spiritual power, she uses it to defend against the threats and overpowers the evil evading her land.

Director's Concept


The movie should be very different than Turning Red and a opposite of it's theme. The movie should take a darker more series storyline. The movie should have a dark villian with a lot of backstory, which would be what most of the movie introduces.


The movie should also take on a totally different artsyle. The movie would be different than any Pixar movie. It will be 2d animated and will have the traditional chinese oil painting, just like how she appeared in the ancient scrolls in Turning Red. I think it will strengthen the movie's presentation along with the action it will have with the battles.


The movie should also have a wonderful soundtrack that incorporates traditional chinese music. There should be a good composer who have possibly worked on other Disney movies for music like Encanto and Moana. Both of those movies have used culturel music based off their theme.


  • This would be the 3rd Pixar film to be a prequel. The first being Monster's University and the second being Lightyear.
  • This would be the first Pixar film to be 2d animated.