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A sandbox for testing lua modules. Since this is a module, it uses actual programming code instead of wiki formatting.

--Hey, this is a sandbox for Lua!
--Be careful :O

local f = {}

function f.main(frame)
	local description
	if frame.args["description"]=="" or frame.args["description"]==nil then description="No description provided [[Category:Files lacking description]]" else description=frame.args["description"] end
	local type = mw.ustring.lower(frame.args["type"] or "")
	local source 
	if frame.args["source"]=="" or frame.args["description"]==nil then source="No source specified [[Category:Files lacking a source]]" else source=frame.args["source"] end
	local result = {}
	local t = {}
	t = {
	    ['art'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    --removing other types for testing purposes
	type = t[type] or "No type specified. [[Category:Files without a type specified]]"
	local license = mw.title.getCurrentTitle():getContent()
	if license:find('%{%{License%-') then license = "" else license = "[[Category:Files without licenses]]" end
	local panel = '<div class="panel" style="--panel-color: #c5c5c5"><div class="mb-2 panel-title">File information</div><table class="table-responsive"><tr><th class="p-2" style="background: #ff4242; color: #fff; border-radius: .5rem 0 0 0">Description</th><td class="p-2">'.. description ..'</td></tr><tr><th class="p-2" style="background: #4292ff; color: #fff">Type</th><td class="p-2" style="background: rgba(0,0,0,.12)">'.. type ..'</td></tr><tr><th class="p-2" style="background: #f5ff42; border-radius: 0 0 0 .5rem">Source/author</th><td class="p-2">'.. source ..'</td></tr></table></div>'.. license ..''
	if mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace ~= 6 then panel = "Hey! The module does not spawn here because it's intended to be used on File pages only." end
	table.insert(result, panel)
	return table.concat(result, "")

return f