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This module is intended to be used on File info pages. It eases the addition of types and categorizes it accordingly, with multiple fallbacks.

This module is intended to be used only on File pages.

How to use

|description = <Description of the file>
|type = <Type of file>
|source = <Source, origin, and/or author>

All parameters are technically mandatory, but if any is not set (or empty), the file will be categorized under specific maintenance categories, where files without description, type or source can be tracked more easily.

  • mainthe first parameter will always need to be main, otherwise the module invokation will fail.
  • description — a summary of what the file is about.
  • type — which type the file is about (it is not case sensitive):
    • Official artwork: art, artwork, official artwork, official art
    • Audio: audio, music, song, sound
    • Box art: boxart, box art
    • Chart or diagram: chart, diagram
    • Fan Art: fanart
    • Flag: flag
    • Logo: logo, logotype, logomark, wordmark
    • Map: map
    • Photograph: photograph, photography, photo
    • Scan: scan, magazine
    • Screenshot: screenshot, printscreen, prtscr
    • Sprite: sprite, spritesheet
    • User images: user, user image, user img
    • Vector: vector, svg
    • Video: video, movie, film, short
    • Wiki image: wiki
  • source — the source, origin, and/or author of the file.
File information
Description This file is about butterflies or something.
Type Scan
Source/author Danny DeVito

local f = {}

function f.main(frame)
	local description = frame.args["description"] or "No description provided [[Category:Files lacking description]]"
	local type = mw.ustring.lower(frame.args["type"] or "")
	local source = frame.args["source"] or "No source specified [[Category:Files lacking a source]]"
	local result = {}
	local t = {}
	t = {
	    ['art'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['arts'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['artwork'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['art work'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['official artwork'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['official artworks'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['official art'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['official arts'] = "Official artwork [[Category:Official artwork]]",
	    ['audio'] = "Audio [[Category:Audio files]]",
	    ['music'] = "Audio [[Category:Audio files]]",
	    ['song'] = "Audio [[Category:Audio files]]",
	    ['songs'] = "Audio [[Category:Audio files]]",
	    ['sound'] = "Audio [[Category:Audio files]]",
	    ['boxart'] = "Box art [[Category:Box art images]]",
	    ['box art'] = "Box art [[Category:Box art images]]",
	    ['boxarts'] = "Box art [[Category:Box art images]]",
	    ['box arts'] = "Box art [[Category:Box art images]]",
	    ['chart'] = "Chart/diagram [[Category:Charts and diagrams]]",
	    ['diagram'] = "Chart/diagram [[Category:Charts and diagrams]]",
	    ['fanart'] = "Fan art [[Category:Fanarts]]",
	    ['fanarts'] = "Fan art [[Category:Fanarts]]",
	    ['fan art'] = "Fan art [[Category:Fanarts]]",
	    ['fanartwork'] = "Fan art [[Category:Fanarts]]",
	    ['flag'] = "Flag [[Category:Flags]]",
	    ['flags'] = "Flag [[Category:Flags]]",
	    ['logo'] = "Logotype [[Category:Logos]]",
	    ['logotype'] = "Logotype [[Category:Logos]]",
	    ['logomark'] = "Logotype [[Category:Logos]]",
	    ['wordmark'] = "Logotype [[Category:Logos]]",
	    ['map'] = "Map [[Category:Maps]]",
	    ['maps'] = "Map [[Category:Maps]]",
	    ['photo'] = "Photograph [[Category:Photographs]]",
	    ['photos'] = "Photograph [[Category:Photographs]]",
	    ['photograph'] = "Photograph [[Category:Photographs]]",
	    ['photography'] = "Photograph [[Category:Photographs]]",
	    ['scan'] = "Scan [[Category:Scans]]",
	    ['scans'] = "Scan [[Category:Scans]]",
	    ['magazine'] = "Scan [[Category:Scans]]",
	    ['screenshot'] = "Screenshot [[Category:Screenshots]]",
	    ['screenshots'] = "Screenshot [[Category:Screenshots]]",
	    ['screen shot'] = "Screenshot [[Category:Screenshots]]",
	    ['printscreen'] = "Screenshot [[Category:Screenshots]]",
	    ['print screen'] = "Screenshot [[Category:Screenshots]]",
	    ['prtscr'] = "Screenshot [[Category:Screenshots]]",
	    ['sprite'] = "Sprite [[Category:Sprites]]",
	    ['sprites'] = "Sprite [[Category:Sprites]]",
	    ['spritesheet'] = "Sprite [[Category:Sprites]]",
	    ['sprite sheet'] = "Sprite [[Category:Sprites]]",
	    ['user'] = "User image [[Category:User images]]",
	    ['user image'] = "User image [[Category:User images]]",
	    ['user img'] = "User image [[Category:User images]]",
	    ['vector'] = "Vector graphic [[Category:Vector images]]",
	    ['svg'] = "Vector graphic [[Category:Vector images]]",
	    ['video'] = "Video [[Category:Video files]]",
	    ['videos'] = "Video [[Category:Video files]]",
	    ['movie'] = "Video [[Category:Video files]]",
	    ['film'] = "Video [[Category:Video files]]",
	    ['short'] = "Video [[Category:Video files]]",
	    ['wiki'] = "Wiki image [[Category:Wiki images]]"
	type = t[type] or "No type specified. [[Category:Files without a type specified]]"
	local license = mw.title.getCurrentTitle():getContent()
	if license:find('%{%{License%-') then license = "" else license = "[[Category:Files without licenses]]" end
	local panel = '<div class="panel" style="--panel-color: #c5c5c5"><div class="mb-2 panel-title">File information</div><table class="table-responsive"><tr><th class="p-2" style="background: #ff4242; color: #fff; border-radius: .5rem 0 0 0">Description</th><td class="p-2">'.. description ..'</td></tr><tr><th class="p-2" style="background: #4292ff; color: #fff">Type</th><td class="p-2" style="background: rgba(0,0,0,.12)">'.. type ..'</td></tr><tr><th class="p-2" style="background: #f5ff42; border-radius: 0 0 0 .5rem">Source/author</th><td class="p-2">'.. source ..'</td></tr></table></div>'.. license ..''
	if mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace ~= 6 then panel = "Hey! The module does not spawn here because it's intended to be used on File pages only." end
	table.insert(result, panel)
	return table.concat(result, "")

return f