Super Mario Generations

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Super Mario Generations
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Logo for Super Mario Generations.
Release date
Nintendo Switch 1:
September 26th, 2025 (digital download)
September 25th, 2026 (physical)
Xbox Series X/S:
September 25th, 2026
English (United States)
English (United Kingdom)
French (France)
French (Canada)
Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Latin America)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Age ratings
ESRB: E - Everyone
PEGI: 3 - Three years and older
CERO: A - All ages
ACB: G - General
USK: 0 - All ages
DEJUS: L - General audience
RARS: 0+ - All ages
GRAC: All - All ages
GSRR: 6+ - Six years and older
FPB: PG - Parental guidance
GCAM: 3 - Three years and older
NMC: 7 - Seven years and older
Single player
Nintendo Switch 1 game card
Digital download
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Nintendo GameCube Controller
Xbox Wireless Controller

Super Mario Generations is a video game compilation of the four first main titles from the Super Mario series released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released for the Nintendo Switch 1 on September 26th, 2025, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., which was held on February 20th, 2025 and continued in 2026 until March 24th of that year. This game was dedicated to Charles Martinet, who died on January 14th, 2025 at the age of 69.

A remastered edition of the game, named Super Mario Generations Plus, was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 23rd, 2026, nine months after Nintendo joined Microsoft Gaming on September 29th, 2025, and was released for the Switch 1 and Xbox Series X/S on September 25th, 2026.


Super Mario Bros.

The Toads and the Goombas are attending a ceremony for Princess Peach, where one of the former crowns her as the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom; however, this humiliates the latter, so they betray the Toads, and a fight between them ensues. Eventually, Bowser, the devious king of all the Koopas, has arrived, and the Goombas join the Koopa Troop. Bowser sends some Koopa Troopas to kidnap the Toads and manages to kidnap Peach.

While running around, a plumber named Mario and his brother named Luigi discover a Goomba and a Toad harassing each other. After Mario stomps on this Goomba, a group of Toads tell him that Bowser has kidnapped Peach. This, in fact, turns out to be true, as Mario notices the Koopa King leading his Koopa Troop members and carrying a cage that Peach is held captive in. Seeing Bowser head towards the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Bros. follow his trail in that direction.

While making his way across the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi face a fake Bowser and liberate the Toad on repeated occasions. Eventually arriving at Bowser's Castle and despite suffering a few setbacks, the Mario Bros. defeat the real Bowser after an epic showdown and rescue Peach. After their triumph, the Mario Bros. and Peach return, having saved the day.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Following his initial defeat, Bowser proceeds to throw a tantrum at the balcony of his castle. The Joke Bowser approaches the Koopa King. Bowser, while begging, then claims that Mario and Luigi were trying to rescue Princess Peach and he was trying to keep her as his prisoner. The Joke Bowser then agrees to aid Bowser, who swears revenge on the Mario Bros.

Back at the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Bros. encounter the Joke Bowser, who has managed to kidnap Princess Peach. In their adventure, they cross many of the kingdom's regions and the Toads from the clutches of more fake Bowsers along the way. Eventually, the Mario Bros. travel to Bowser's Castle, where they face the Joke Bowser and the real Bowser. The Mario Bros. defeat Bowser once and for all, catching his tail on fire, and they rescue Peach yet again. However, the Joke Bowser finds the three, only to fall in the lava following his attempt to kidnap her. Outside his castle, Bowser frantically runs with his tail burning up, only to crash into a small cave. As the Mario Bros. escort Peach back to her castle, the Mario Bros., the princess, and a Toad decide to go back home and get some sleep.

Super Mario Bros. 2

Following his second failure, Bowser discovers a long staircase that leads up to a door to Subcon. Upon his arrival, the Koopa King steals the Dream Machine, kidnaps the Subcon, and delivers them to Wart. Wart promises Bowser to take over the dream world.

Meanwhile, Mario is sleeping, and he dreams of himself climbing a long staircase leading up to a mysterious door. After opening the door, he sees a Subcon about to be encountered by Bowser. Mario wakes up, and the next day, he heads out to a picnic with his friends Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad and claims of his strange dream, much to his friends' shock, as they all had the very same dream the night before. As they arrive at their picnic spot, the four notice a small cave and take a long staircase that leads up to a door. At the top, the four open the door to Subcon to stop Wart and Bowser's plans.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad travel through the worlds, defeating various minions who work for Wart under Bowser. Eventually, the four infiltrate Wart's castle, where he faces Wart. After defeating Wart, Mario and co. come across a jar that the Subcons are trapped in and free them, only to encounter Bowser. As Bowser attempts to repel the four, the Subcons toss him out of the dream world. They thank Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad for saving Subcon, and the four bid their farewells and head back to the Mushroom Kingdom for a better night's sleep.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Following their last victory, the Mario Bros. wake up one morning, only to discover an airship flying to one of the kings' castle. Larry Koopa, one of the seven Koopalings, which are led by Ludwig von Koopa under Bowser, has managed to steal the king's wand and transform him into a creature, leading Toad sending a letter to Princess Peach about what the Koopalings have done. She convinces the Mario Bros. to stop the Koopalings, and the brothers set off an adventure.

Mario and Luigi make their way through the Mushroom World, an area that the Mushroom Kingdom forms an entrance to, stopping the Koopalings' mischief and changing the kings back into their normal form. At the end of each world, Mario and Luigi fight one of the Koopalings, and after the match is over, retrieve the wand from the Koopaling to turn the king back to normal. While the brothers are out in their adventure, Bowser kidnaps Princess Toadstool and takes her to his lair in Dark Land. The brothers go to Dark Land and fight Bowser. After defeating Bowser, they save the princess and restore peace once again. In the end, they decide to recuperate by hot-air balloon to search for more adventures.

Super Mario World

Opening up where the last game left off, following his last defeat by the Mario Bros., Bowser lands into a room from his fall and discovers a Koopa Clown Car. Wanting to convince the Koopalings to get their revenge on the brothers, he uses it to gather the Koopalings. However, when they arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom, they find that the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach are gone. They arrive in Dinosaur Land to track the princess down. Bowser sees some caveman-like Toads and some Yoshis and uses his black magic to not only curse the Toads, causing them to turn into their hostile dinosaur form, but also trap the Yoshis in their eggs, and the Koopalings hide them in their respective castles.

As Mario, Luigi, and Peach arrive in Dinosaur Land by hot-air balloon, the brothers fly around Yoshi's Island with capes, and upon their return to the landing spot, they find the princess missing and become puzzled. The brothers thereafter witness Iggy carrying a red Yoshi's Egg and set off an adventure to save the princess and the Yoshis. During their journey, they find the Koopa Troop. Upon the Mario Bros. freeing the friendly Yoshi, he exclaims that the Koopas have invaded, confirming that Peach's persistent captor has indeed returned and taken the opportunity to claim the princess.

As Mario and his friends travel through Dinosaur Land, they uncover the Valley of Bowser, where Bowser is fought on his castle roof in his Koopa Clown Car, holding Princess Peach hostage. Upon his defeat, he gently drops the princess and retreats. Princess Peach rewards Mario or Luigi with a kiss as fireworks celebrate freedom, signifying that their vacation can resume with their new good friends. The reunited team returns to Yoshi's House, where the team and three other Yoshis watch the eggs hatch into babies, removing the spell. Meanwhile, Bowser has landed in the middle of the ocean right in front of the entrance to the Valley of Bowser, adrift on an inflatable raft. As Bowser curses after the Mario Bros. for ruining his attempt to take over Dinosaur Land, a caveman, having transformed back from a Reznor to his Toad shape, appears and threatens to pop Bowser's raft with a spiked club. Despite Bowser's efforts, the Toad pops the raft off-screen.

List of changes

Changes to Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels from the previous editions

Audio changes

  • The games' soundtrack from the previous editions was enhanced.
  • The following theme music from the Super Mario Bros. style from Super Mario Maker 2 received enhanced covers:
    • The Sky theme music for World 1-3, World 2-3, World 3-3, World 4-3, World 5-3, World 6-3, and World 7-3 in Super Mario Bros. and World 1-3, World 2-3, World 3-3, World 4-3, World 5-3, World 6-3, World 7-3, World 8-3, World A-3, World C-2, and World C-3 in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
    • The Desert theme music for World 2-1 in Super Mario Bros. and World 6-1 and World A-1 in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
    • The Snow theme music for World 3-1, World 3-2, World 5-1, and World 7-1 in Super Mario Bros. and World 3-1, World 5-1, World 7-1, and World C-1 in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Changes to Super Mario Bros. 2 from the previous editions

Mario fighting Tryclyde in World 3-3.

Graphical changes

  • Similar to the cutscenes before Fryguy and Clawgrip's fights in Super Mario Advance, Mouser, Tryclyde (only in World 2-3), Fryguy, and Clawgrip have cutscenes before their fights showing their original forms (respectively, a pair of sunglasses, a normal yet cyan-colored Cobrat, a simple pair of eyes, and a normal Sidestepper) being transformed by four giant bubbles into their boss forms.
  • In the cast list, Tower Power Pokey is added between Clawgrip and Tryclyde.

Gameplay changes

  • The boss order is slightly altered: a crowned Pokey named Tower Power Pokey, an enemy who debuted in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, acts as the new boss of World 6; and the second Tryclyde battle is moved to World 3, where it replaces Mouser's second battle.
    • Upon encountering Tower Power Pokey in World 6-3, he will say, "I hope you like jumping into thorns!" When defeated, he will say, "A lesson never gets me anywhere."

Changes to Super Mario Bros. 3 from the previous editions

Gameplay changes

  • Morton now creates spiked balls using his wand rather than magical projectiles.

Audio changes

  • The game's soundtrack from the previous editions was enhanced.
  • The Snow theme music from the Super Mario Bros. 3 style from Super Mario Maker 2 was added to World 6-1 and World 6-10 (as well as overworld areas in World 6-5, World 6-6, and World 6-9).

Changes to Super Mario World from the previous editions

Textual changes

  • The name "Para-Goomba" was changed to "Parachute Galoomba" in the ending.