Mario Kart Rush – Booster Course Pass

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The Mario Kart Rush – Booster Course Pass is a DLC expansion pack for Mario Kart Rush. First announced during the Nintendo Direct on July 23rd, 2025, the pack includes twelve additional cups, for a total of 48 additional courses (bringing the total number of courses in the game to 96), most of which are remastered versions of courses from previous Mario Kart games.



Wave 1
Released on August 29th, 2025
Wave 2
Released on December 12th, 2025
Wave 3
Released on March 6th, 2026
Golden Dash Cup Lucky Cat Cup Turnip Cup Propeller Cup Rock Cup Moon Cup
Tour New York Minute Tour Paris Promenade Tour Singapore Speedway Tour Amsterdam Drift Tour Berlin Byways Tour Rome Avanti
N64 Frappe Snowland SNES Choco Island 1 Wii U Super Bell Subway GCN Dino Dino Jungle Wii Coconut Mall Wii U Sunshine Airport
GCN Peach Beach Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon Megafruit Jungle SNES Koopa Troopa Beach 1 3DS Mario Circuit GBA Bowser's Castle 4
DS Luigi's Mansion Tour Piranha Plant Pipeline 3DS Wario Shipyard
3DS Wario's Galleon
Tour Merry Mountain GBA Lakeside Park DS Rainbow Road
Wave 4
Released on May 29th, 2026
Wave 5
Released on October 9th, 2026
Wave 6
Released on February 26th, 2027
Fruit Cup Boomerang Cup Feather Cup Cherry Cup Acorn Cup Spiny Cup
Tour Bangkok Rush Tour London Loop Tour Madrid Drive Tour Athens Dash Switch Sky-High Sundae Switch Squeaky Clean Sprint
DS Cheep Cheep Beach N64 Rainbow Road Wii U Wild Woods GBA Broken Pier Wii Grumble Volcano Wii U Dolphin Shoals
Wii U Ice Ice Outpost 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon
3DS Cheep Cheep Cape
GBA Yoshi Desert Wii Rainbow Road SNES Donut Plains 2 DS Bowser's Castle
DS Delfino Square Powderkeg Mines Wisdom Library Wii U Bowser's Castle Rosalina's Birthday Cake SNES Rainbow Road