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Fullmetal Alchemist: A New Generation is a fan-made continuation of the critically acclaimed anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This series changes main protagonists, no longer following the adventures of Edward and Alphonse Elric, but instead shifting focus to Ed’s daughter, Emma Elric.


30 years after the day known as the Promised Day, the country of Amestris has been in a time of peace. Edward has settled down in his hometown in Resembool with his wife, Winry, and his two kids, Emma and Asher.

Emma, now 15, is studying Alchemy in hopes of being as good at it as her father once was. She has been reading Alchemy books since she was 5, and has trained with her uncle, Alphonse, for as long as she could remember.

One day, Em and Ed get in an argument, causing Em to storm out of the house and into the woods nearby. She walks for a little bit before she gets attacked by a mysterious soldier and gets her right arm slashed off. Hearing Em’s screams, Ed and Al bolt into the woods in search for her. Ed finds his daughter unconscious, and without her right arm. Ed tears off his coat and ties it around his daughter’s body to help with the bleeding. Em regains consciousness and warns her father about the soldier. Ed draws his sword and fights the soldier, but notices that another soldier is heading for Em. Ed jumps in front of her, and the soldier pierces his lower back. Once all hope seems to be lost, Al jumps in and saves Ed and Em in time. He closes the wound on where Em’s arm used to be, but couldn’t restore her arm to the way it was.

Two days later, Ed regains consciousness to see Winry by his hospital bed. He begs to see Em, who is in the next room. Em walks in and runs into her father’s arms as Ed notices her arm is gone. After a brief discussion, Edward reveals that he can’t feel his legs, and is paralyzed waist-down. Determined to find a humane way to help Ed get back on his feet, Em asks Ash to design her a new automail arm. Ash designed a unique design, looking a lot like Ed’s old automail arm, but had a transmutation circle engraved on the shoulder. After three months of painful surgery and rehabilitation, Em finally could start the search.

To start with the search, Em decides to temporarily join the military. She heads up to Central Command, where she meets the ruler of Amestris, Fürher Roy Mustang, and the officer that would soon be her commanding officer, Colonel Elicia Hughes. After a successful assessment, Fürher Mustang assigns Em the title of the new Fullmetal Alchemist.

After receiving her title and silver watch, she catches wind of a new medicine called the Potion of Life, created by Dr. Alan Treacher. The Potion of Life was said to heal any wound and cure any illness. Curious, Em travels up to Fisk to learn more about it.

Upon arriving in Fisk, Dr. Treacher explains that he can’t teach her to make a Potion of Life, but will give her one, though would take a few days to create. A few days pass, and one day, Emma arrives at Dr. Treacher’s office, but the doctor is gone. Em goes into his lab to find a shining red stone, a Philosopher’s Stone, in a test tube, and blue dye in a dropper. Em puts a few drops of the dye into the test tube, and mixed it up. The result bore an exact resemblance to the Potion of Life. Horrified, Em takes the sample, and attempts to run out, but is stopped by Dr. Treacher. He revealed that the Philosopher’s Stones that he used to make the potions were made from a single soul. They could only be used once, but had the same power as the ones that once were spread around Amestris. He then attempts to kill Emma, but is stopped by Colonel Hughes and her men. Em shares her side of the story, and Dr. Treacher was put on death row for killing multiple people, and attempting to assassinate a State Alchemist.

After Em returns to Central Command, Colonel Hughes tells Em that she knows she wants to restore her arm, but she can’t get upset every time something like this happens. But Em cuts her off, saying she doesn’t want her original arm back, and that it was a price to pay. She states that if she hadn’t been attacked that day, her entire family could’ve been killed, and that all she wants is to make things right for Ed, and to help him get back on his feet, nothing more.

A few days after returning to Central, Emma spots Asher in town, who is there to fix a customer’s leg, since the customer couldn’t come to Resembool for repairs. Em explains her ordeal with Dr. Treacher, and Ash comforts his sister, telling her that there really was nothing she could do.

A few days later, Ash starts heading back to Resembool, and Em decides to tag along to visit her family. Upon arriving in Resembool, Ed, Al and Winry are at the train station to greet the children. On the journey home, however, they stumble across the Xingese Emperor, Ling Yao, who is collapsed. After he gets his strength back, he states how glad he was to see Ed, Al, and Winry. Ed asks what Ling was doing there, and Ling’s demeanor instantly changes. He explained that there were unexplained attacks in Xing, and that he and Lan Fan had to flee to Amestris for safety. Suddenly, Al asks about Mei, and Ling reluctantly responded with the words, “Mei Chang Elric is dead.”

More of the plot COMING SOON!

New Characters

Emma Elric

Emma is Edward and Winry’s daughter, and is the same one who appears in the end credits of FMAB. She is now 15 years old, and is pursuing Alchemy as a passion. Em is very skilled, and rivals her father when he was her age in skill.

Emma’s appearance is very similar to Edward’s when he was her age, having almost the exact same hairstyle, and similar clothing. The red coat she wears is the same one Ed wore when he was a State Alchemist, and was gifted to her by Edward himself.

Asher Elric

Asher is Edward and Winry’s son, and is Emma’s brother, and is also the same one who appears in the end credits of FMAB. He is now 17 years old, and is a very skilled automail mechanic, like his mother. Ash is the one who designed Emma’s right arm after she lost her real one in battle.

Pyro Maes Mustang

Pyro is Roy Mustang’s son. His middle name, Maes, was given to him in honor of the late Brigadier General, Maes Hughes. Pyro learned Flame Alchemy against his father’s wishes, and hopes to use it to help the people of Amestris.

Dr. Alan Treacher

Dr. Treacher is a State Alchemist known as the Healing Alchemist that resides in Fisk, a city in the North Area. He created the one-time use elixir called the Potion of Life, known to heal any wound and cure any sickness. Em seeks out the doctor, hoping to learn how to create it, or at least obtain one from him.

Trisha Elric

(Not to be confused with Ed and Al’s mother of the same name)

After Ed points out to Al that his baby looks a lot like their deceased mother, Al decides to name her Trisha in honor of their mother. Trisha is one of the only survivors from the attack in Xing, and was delivered to Al by Ling and Lan Fan.

Returning Characters

Edward Elric

Ed is the man formerly known as the Fullmetal Alchemist, and although he can no longer perform Alchemy, he encourages his daughter, Emma, to learn all she could about Alchemy. After a fight to protect his daughter, he is severely injured, and can no longer walk.

Alphonse Elric

After becoming a skilled Alchemist and Alkahestrist, Al has become well known for his skills. He teaches Emma, since Ed no longer could.

Winry Rockbell Elric

Winry is Ed’s automail engineer and wife. She works at the automail shop that she and Pinako used to work at, with her family now living there. She works hard so her customers can have the highest-quality automail, and has taught her son, Asher, everything she knows.

Roy Mustang

Since the Promised Day, Roy Mustang has since had his eyesight restored, and has now made his way all the way up to the rank of Fürher.

Elicia Hughes

Elicia is the daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Hughes. Once she became old enough, she joined the military in honor of her father. She has obtained the rank of Colonel, and is Emma’s commanding officer after Em temporarily becomes a State Alchemist.

Ling Yao

After successfully delivering the Philosopher’s Stone to the Emperor, Ling is now the new Emperor of Xing. After an overwhelming attack in Xing, however, Ling and his retainer/wife, Lan Fan, retreat to Amestris for safety. Ling is also the one who safely returns Alphonse and Mei’s baby to Al.

Lan Fan Yao

A couple of years after Ling and Lan Fan returned to Xing, they married, and Lan Fan became the Empress of Xing. After the attacks, however, she follows Ling to Amestris.

Mei Chang Elric

While not making a physical appearance, Mei is mentioned several times throughout the series. Mei is Alphonse’s wife, and is a very skilled Alkahestrist. Mei gives birth to Trisha, but passes away to save Ling shortly after.


After the events of FMAB, Paninya has continued to live in Rush Valley, helping the citizens to the best of her ability. She is still a friend of the Elric family, and will often travel to Resembool to visit Ed and Winry. She bonded with Emma during her visits, and thinks of Em as a little sister to her.