MOTHER: Bounded by Fate

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This article or section pertains information regarding Bounded by Fate, a fanfiction series created by InkBerry.
MOTHER: Bounded by Fate
Fanfic Type
Slice of Life
Creation Date
September 14th, 2023

Bounded by Fate is a planned multi-chapter fanfiction based on the EarthBound/MOTHER series of games. It was started September 2023 in an Obsidian vault. Its release date is currently unknown.


This fanfiction takes place two years after the events of MOTHER 3, where the world was restored to a different state. The Nowhere Islands is brought into a time where Eagleland still existed, bringing back the EarthBound cast.


Main Characters 
Lucas A seemingly normal 16 year old with PSI who got roped into an adventure that decided the world's fate.
Ness A 16 year old boy with special PSI powers. He lived in Onett all of his life, and is recognized by the red and blue baseball cap and tan backpack.
Supporting Characters 
Duster -To be added-
Flint -To be added-
Jeff -To be added-
Kumatora -To be added-
Paula -To be added-
Poo -To be added-

Plot Summary

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