Nintendo Dimensional Derby

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Nintendo Dimensional Derby
Nintendo Crossover
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Dimensional Derby is a 20XX racing party game developed by Nintendo. It features characters from the Smash Bros franchise. It was released instead of a ninth installment in the Mario Kart series, meaning it is meant to take Mario Kart's place as Nintendo's premier racing title. The game features extensive online functionality.


Image Character Description Ability How to Unlock
NDD Mario.png Mario Mario is the king of the derby! He's got unmatched experience driving karts since the 1990s. Mario's ability is Fire Frenzy, which sends a flurry of fireballs in all directions. Enemy drivers that touch the fireballs get knocked over, and slowed for five seconds. Default
NDD Link.png Link Link returns from his appearance in Mario Kart 8! Save Hyrule while getting first place! Link's special ability is Hookshot Grapple, which allows him to hookshot onto enemy drivers, effectively switching locations of the two drivers! Default
NDD Kirby.png Kirby Kirby is back, after retiring from racing after Kirby Air Ride, he's ready to blaze ahead in his Warp Star! Kirby's special ability is Copy Abilities, which allows Kirby to temporarily copy an enemy driver's special ability! Default