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Beyblade Burst the next generation

Beyblade Burst The Next Generation spin-off of the Beyblade Burst anime set in the future staring the kids of the Beyblade Burst cast


Main Characters

  • Aiger Aoi - One of the two twin sons of Valt and Shasa, his bey is Heroic Valtryek, he was named after Aiger akabane.
  • Shu Aoi - The other of Valt and Shasa's twin sons and the twin brother of Aiger Aoi, his bey is Lightning Valtryek, he was named after Valt's best Friend Shu Kurenai.

main cast

  • Sotiras Akabane - he is the Son of Aiger Akabane and Nika Aoi and thus the he Cousin of Aiger Aoi and Shu Aoi, and nephew of Valt, his bey is Sword Achilles/Shield Achilles.
  • Adad Kurenai - the daughter of Shu Kurenai and the oldest of member of Aiger Aoi and Shu Aoi's team, her bey is Flare Spryzen.
  • Ranox Kiyama - the Son of one of the Kiyama's it's 100% not Ranzo and is either Rantaro's son or Ranjiro's Son, his bey is Hurricane Roktavor.
  • Bashara "Mao" Suiro Jr. - the Son of Bashara Surio and Ilya Mao, His bey is Chaos Balkesh.
  • Anwar Goodman - The son of Rashad Goodman, he's bey is Holy Regnar, he starts of as part of Aiger and Shu Aoi's team before joining the apocalypse bringer along with Bashara Suiro Jr. before they decide to rejoin the good guys.

Supporting cast

  • Alpin Shirosagi - Lui Shirosagi's son, He is very antagonistic towards to main cast his bey is Judgment Lúinor.
  • Damian Daizora - Bel Daizora's son, He has purple hair unlike his dad who has red hair, he is a lot like his dad and loves messing with people and causing chaos, his bey is Nuclear Belfyre which has an unusual ability to separate into two.


  • Darkness Valhalla - Lain Valhalla's son and the most evil blader to ever live! his bey is Devil Lucius, he is the 1st seasons main villain and runs a group called the Apocalypse bringers who are bent on taking over the world, he is also the nephew of Phi and Hyde
  • Cyrus - Phi's son, and the 2nd in command to his cousin Darkness Valhalla, his bey is Genocide Pheonix.
  • Shade - Hyde's daughter, she is very loyal to her cousin Darkness Valhalla's plan until the last few episodes of season 1, her bey is Destroy Hades.